February Update

It’s been a while since you lovely folks have gotten a proper update on events – this one will be covering the past three months of Tower life. Hopefully, this is everything that’s happened, but if you can think of an even that hasn’t been covered here, please send an email to admin and we’ll make sure it’s included in March’s update.

First off, we elected three new officials. Marla was voted our M’Hael, Carra our Amyrlin, and Bridget as our KoC.

In late November, our latent talent system was put to a final vote, resulting in a set of requirements and how we’ll be marking these on our profiles. In case you need a refresher, the thread concerning this new system can be found here: http://www.grey-tower.net/Board/viewtopic.php?f=73&t=290

In mid January, we decided upon an official resting place for Hama Valon and the Grey Tower – should you like to look at your painfully tiny maps on the inside cover of any WoT book, you should be able to imagine that we’re officially north-west of Baerlon between the Stedding and the Lake Somal.

More recently, we changed our raising requirements to be a little freer – I’m excited to see what sorts of things will come from this! – and clarified our rules on secondary characters. Subjects that are currently open for discussion and debate are: we’re expanding our forums! Go and vote; which boards would you most like to see?

Also, please don’t forget that our Warder Yards are looking for admin members. If you feel up to the job, feel free to go and put yourself forward. Our Amyrlin is also looking for an artist to help spurce up our boards with some banners; if you’d like to try your hand at helping, please feel more than welcome – just reply to Mother’s advertisement on the Main OOC Board. On a related note: we now have an Art Gallery board on the OOC branch of the site – even if you’re not sure about posting banners, feel free to post anything else you’d like to share.

And although we’ve been quiet through December and January, as of late February, things started getting lively again. Here’s a list of all the new (and old!) faces that have joined us since our last update.

New Members:













Returning Members




New Characters:

Marius DeLeonska


Ga’vin Firedancer

Shoar Daeran

Willow Hathoren


Ravell Dimas

Briela Naravella

Azalaide Correngreave

Tavan Ranell

Taylin Melandrin

Transfer Characters:

Kiani Sedai of the Green Ajah

Maegan Sedai of the Red Ajah

Rahim Vaely, drin’far’ji


Secondary Characters

After a ruling in the Hall, it has now passed and the following simplified rules on Secondary Characters is now officially in affect.

Rule One:
A person may apply for an additional character once any/all existing characters are at least mid rank.

Rule Two:
In order to be approved for additional characters, a player must be in good standing in the community, must have shown good character development in existing characters, and must have maintained a steady level of activity with ALL existing characters.

Rule Three:
If a person does not meet those requirements, they will be advised to retire an existing character before creating a new one.