Fanfic/Thread Competition

While I no longer serve as Keeper, I just might give the lovely keeper the right to pick out the favorites. But its time for another Fanfic Challenge! Only this time it’s blooming into Completed Threads!!

The theme of this competition is one of Brave Enough. It can be to wrap up old plots, start new ones, new friends, deaths or births. Surprise me with it.

You may submit to following Categories:

  • 1st: Day to Day
  • 4th: Culture/Geography
  • 5th: The Shadow
  • 6th: Warfare/Combat
  • 7th: Romantic
  • 8th: Humor
  • 9th: History
  • 12th: Poems and Songs

Submissions can either be sent through the Fanfic Form or by email

Contest will close on the 24th of March. I look forward to reading the fics submitted.

Moving IRC Chatrooms

After a long discussion in Staff, and then a Hall Vote, we have moved our IRC Chatroom Servers from freenode to Our thread detailing our chatrooms, how to login and even how to register a nickname has been UPDATED and is fully accessible to all players, or those inquiring to be players!

Our NEW and current available chatrooms are:

  • The Out of Character channel is #greytower
  • Our In Character Channels are #bandofbrothers and #GTClassroom