November Wrap Up

After a rather impressive 14 submissions to the Keeper’s run Fanfiction Competition, two emerged victorious; Bree and Bridget. Congratulations to you both! A shiny for all the members that participated have been added to their profiles. Thank you for playing!

Slowly but surely the Benefits are being updated and added in. We are currently processing and debating the merits of Ajah-based Benefits along with adding two more Tiers to the list. A Poll can be found in the Hall of Sitters with more information.

New Members:
- Julio
– Corey

Returning Member:
- Josh
- Maria

New Characters:
– Elysianne Ne’Alic
– Arnd Baldemar‎
– Daelar Ralead
– Daelan Shannaran
– Muireen do Morny a’Lordeine
– Samuel Falchin

– Conor Palfrey was raised to Ji’Alantin
– Ubriel Bryne was raised to Ji’dar


A Small Weave Competition

So, we all know weaves are just fun, awesome and a nice perk that comes with being Aes Sedai and Asha’man. But what kind of weaves are there? What are some of the weaves your character might have or use?

I’m looking to expand my little dictionary of weaves. So whether its from the book, something you have RPd with or something you think is cool…

Submit it!!

I will reward per category for “best submitted weave”, and there are no limits to how many you can submit!

Knock yourselves out!

This will run through December only.