October Wrap Up

Lots of things have happened in the month of October!! After a relatively successful Census, we currently have Award Nominations (some retro-ing allowed), and the new Keeper has a Fanfiction Competition running until November 15. On top of that, our Library has taken a few great leaps in its updates!

The Warder’s Yard has been filled with the significant work of our Mistress of Arms, The Grey Tower is slowly trying to catch up.

The Ajah’s now have Pages! (Hint: Click the banners!) This is all thanks to the amazing Bree. They are still being worked on but progress has been amazing!

Slowly but surely the Benefits are being updated and added in. We have at least one section done. (woo!)

Carra has been working hard on our NEW Weaves Page. Yes, WEAVES!

New Members:
– Zack
– Joseph
– Bree
– Matt

(Sorta) Returning Members:
– Celene
– Lynsey
– Marc
– Mim

– None yet, but a few are writing their Raising Tests up!

Award Nominations

With the winding down of the Census, we are now beginning a (long-time-coming) round of Award Nominations. The M’Hael, Mistress at Arms, Keeper of Chronicles, and maybe even the MoNSTers have the chance to hand out a few of their own, but not without a few others.

For Full Award Information:


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Fanfic Competition

While I am still learning the ropes of this new position, the first thing I would love to do is start generating idea’s, plots and activity. I am running this at a different time then I think the last, but as it’s been over a year and it would be good of us to plow through a lot of changes.

The theme of this fanfic competition is one of Ends and Beginnings. It can be to wrap up old plots, start new ones, new friends, deaths or births. Surprise me with it.

You may submit to following Categories:

  • 1st: Day to Day
  • 4th: Culture/Geography
  • 5th: The Shadow
  • 6th: Warfare/Combat
  • 7th: Romantic
  • 8th: Humor
  • 9th: History
  • 12th: Poems and Songs

Submissions can either be sent through the Fanfic Form or by email greytower1@gmail.com.

Contest will close on the 15 of November. I look forward to reading the fics submitted.

Keeper of Chronicles

Updates from your Admins!

Welcome to the new face of the Grey Tower!

Carra and the rest of the admin team have been working very hard to pull together the new site, and the result is fantastic! Although it is not quite done, we have decided everyone should start using it right away. Be prepared for some confusion, some dead links, and a lot of questions…but no worries, we will get everything taken care of as quickly as we can!

Along with the site change comes another big change- our admin structure is changing.

Two people will be overall leaders of the site. The Amyrlin/M’hael (depending on gender) will serve the channelers, while the Master/Mistress of Arms will serve the Warder Yard. For their respective sections, these two leaders will facilitate major changes, appoint new administrators, attend to membership issues, and confer regarding overall administrative tasks on an as-needed basis. In the event that a new leader must be selected, the entire admin team will discuss and choose a replacement.

The Keeper of the Chronicles/Archives (depending on gender) and the Gaidin/Gaidar Captain will assist these leaders. This person can be male or female They will assist the Amyrlin/M’hael and MoA as needed, but the Keeper’s (Or Captain’s) primary task will be the care and upkeep of the Library’s vast contents for the benefit of membership as a whole.

Below the Keeper we will have the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, and Mistress of Training. These people have the time-intensive duty of caring for their respective learning ranks from the point they come to the Grey Tower until they are raised to full rank or leave.

The OOC administrators will consist of the Tamyrlin (legal owner of the site) and the Master/Mistress of Keys (the technical administrator).

The current admin team is as follows:

M’hael: Dan
Mistress of Arms: Marit
Keeper of the Chronicles: Carra
Master of Soldiers: Cheiron
Mistress of Novices: Becky
Mistress of Training: Vibyka
Mistress of Keys: Amadie
Tamyrlin: Amadie

The 2014 Census has been Sent

Greetings Citizens of the Grey Tower!

It’s time again for the Bi-Annual Census, the first since GT 3.0 has begun! Please reply by October 23, 2014. Failure to reply within the specified time will result in the moving your profile to the inactive list. When you wish to return to the community, you will then have to apply as a “returning” member.

Active Members will be able to view, and post within the various boards. Inactive members may view some boards, but for the foreseeable future will not be able to post upon any board. Failure to return a form will result in retirement of your membership.

You may find the list of active members here – http://www.grey-tower.net/Wiki/index.php?title=Category:Member

You may also find the list of active characters here – http://www.grey-tower.net/Wiki/index.php?title=Category:Active_Characters

And you may find the census form here – http://www.grey-tower.net/?page_id=153

If you are still in need of creating an account for GT3, please use the following link for returning members – http://www.grey-tower.net/?page_id=51 and we shall help you get set up!
If you are an active member and are still in need of an account please fill out the Member Account form – http://www.grey-tower.net/?page_id=25.

For Full Census Status please see the Census Status page on the Wiki: http://www.grey-tower.net/Wiki/index.php?title=Census_Status_October_2014

September Wrap Up

Welcome again to the shiny new Grey Tower! September brought a lot of changes to the physical aspect of the site and we are still working on a few transitions but all in all we are settling in nicely. IRC has been very active, and we have seen progress not only in the Major RP but also some new Roleplay’s popping up.

The biggest project right now is getting our Wiki/Library into a more usable status. We have also made some great changes to the Warder’s Yard raising system along with a few slight adjustments to the system. We are still working on the Talent/Benefit/OnePower systems but we hope to have those hammered out this month, Light willing.

Keep an eye open, we will be sending out a Census soon, along with some pretty big IC structure changes.

New Members:
– Bridget

– None yet, but some are pretty close!

Our New MoA

For those that missed the announcement on the old MMB’s. Marit has been serving as our GC for a while now. As one of the longest-standing and most devoted members of the Warder Yards, it gives me great pleasure to promote her to the rank of Mistress of Arms!

Thank you for all your hard work, Marit!