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In preparation for the Final Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, when the forces of good and evil will fully and finally come face to face, both Asha'man and Aes Sedai, with their warders by their sides, have banded together in the Grey Tower to prepare and to fight the Shadow where ever it may be found in the here and now...

The Grey Tower is large and well-established play-by-post Message Board Role-Playing Game (RPG), and online community, based on "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan. Our timeline is current with the events of the books and our environment is one where Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin and Gaidar all work together to fight the Shadow and prepare for the final battle.

Will you heed the call?

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January 25th, 2014

Brothers Return

Please welcome home Daric Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah, Lucian Caeren Asha'man of the Green Ajah!

Hall of Sitters

The Hall has reached a resolution to change how we run classes to make them more flexible. A summary can be found here. Updates will be made to the website and announced here.

The Hall is currently discussing whether to install a new, temporary, chat room to kindle activity while we wait for GT3's larger and more permanent development. If you have a seat in the Hall, please voice your opinion. If you don't, then please contact your representative or complete this form.

Remember the Hall of Sitters is password protected. If you are a member of the Tower and cannot gain access, contact the Admin and we will help you.

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October 1st, 2013

Hall of Sitters

The Hall has unanimously decided to accept Marla's proposal for restructuring the site from this flowchart (as it is now) to this (in GT3).

The Hall has also decided to keep the current One Power Strength System, but to modify how elemental powers are recorded, such as allowing characters to list equal strength weilding Air and Water. Otherwise, no change will be made.

Lastly, the Hall is currently sitting to disucss revising how we run classes and what we'll require of learning rank characters, both created new writers and those who have been with us for a while. The discussion will go on for one week until it reaches a decision, goes to a vote, or is extended for another week.

The Wheel is spinning big changes! Keep checking back with us!

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