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In preparation for the Final Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, when the forces of good and evil will fully and finally come face to face, both Asha'man and Aes Sedai, with their warders by their sides, have banded together in the Grey Tower to prepare and to fight the Shadow where ever it may be found in the here and now...

The Grey Tower is large and well-established play-by-post Message Board Role-Playing Game (RPG), and online community, based on "The Wheel of Time" by Robert Jordan. Our timeline is current with the events of the books and our environment is one where Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin and Gaidar all work together to fight the Shadow and prepare for the final battle.

Will you heed the call?

Join the Tower

Main Site
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Mistress of Novices

Congratulations to Illyria Corinye, who has been chosen as the new Mistress of Novices!

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Amyrlin Seat

Congratulations to Amadie Laine, the new Amyrlin Seat!

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