Blog: GT and Transfers

May the Light Illuminate you my Sons and Daughters,

I pen this letter to those of you have not been with us before or have been with us a long time ago and are now returning with renewed interest and heart. I warms my heart to see you all here and I wish you well and good greetings but before we can open our gates there is a bit of research for you all to read upon submitting yourself to the Grey Tower.

Firstly, we are the Grey Tower. There is still a White Tower and a Black Tower in our Canon, and neither of them like us very much. The White Tower has raged war against us a few times now (even kidnapping an Amyrlin in the past), and the Black Tower only greets us with distant cold and disdain. That isn’t to say they are completely blocked off. Many from our ranks have come to us from both these Towers. Some of their own free will, some with the plot to spy for their former Tower, and others out of desperation for a new way of life and a different change. That is not to say that we are easier than either of these Towers. We have our own traditions and tests for raising, but we believe we are meant to do right in the world, by being part of the world.

If we are not the White Tower, or the Black Tower… Where is the Grey Tower Located? A simple answer is that we are located in the Mountains of Mists. More officially The Hall of Sitters voted that the Tower’s IC location is the Mountains of Mist, near the village of Elman’s creek. The official city of the Grey Tower is called Hama Valon. This exact location is under topic in our Hall, if you want to watch the conversation there.

Why have you come to us? Were you dragged here by someone more senior? Were you kicked out for misbehavior? Recruited by means of a convenient pamphlet in a convenient place? Or are you starting a little fresh? We will still count your deeds done for raising in our checklists regardless so long as you are willing to put in a little work to fitting in.

Here are some useful readings to help you along your path,


In the Light,

Carraidhin Glaisne
Watcher of the Seals
Flame of Hama Valon
The Amyrlin Seat


Porting Character Rules, may be subject to change or exceptions depending on Amyrlin & M’Hael Rulings.