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3 Aims and 5 Rules

3 Aims and 5 Rules of the Grey Tower

The Grey Tower:

The Grey Tower is an online roleplaying society devoted to The Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan. It is a non-commercial site and is not affiliated in any way with Robert Jordan or Orbit or Tor.

The Aims of The Grey Tower:

  • To provide a fun and caring online community.
  • To bring fans of the Wheel of Time together and provide a basis for building new friendships and lasting relationships amongst like-minded people.
  • To fully explore, develop and enjoy the concepts and possibilities of Robert Jordan’s writing, as well as to share and integrate our differing interpretations of the texts, and play out being a channeler or Warder in this world.

The Rules of The Grey Tower:

In order for the site to run successfully, there are five simple ground rules to which all members should adhere at all times.

There will be no flaming on the Grey Tower Boards OR by email of any Tower member by any other person. No member will insult or disparage or intimidate or hurtfully taunt any other at any time for any reason. Disagreements may occur, but they will proceed in a mature way, and will not be allowed to degenerate into insult battles. If you have a severe problem with another member, you should consult a superior rather than flaming.

If any member has a problem with someone flaming them, they should contact admin by email, who will deal with the flamer and delete the posts.

Excessive use of swearing and obscenities should be avoided if possible on the OOC Tower boards, and highly offensive or obscene posts against individuals may be deleted, along with any with extreme sexual content. Wherever possible, even OOC, you should consider using RJ versions of swearing, such as ‘bloody’, ‘flaming’ or ‘woolhead’, instead of modern profanities. Of course, IC, your characters will always use such RJ-words to swear, since Randlanders are not familiar with modern street cuss-words!

If anyone has a problem with another member swearing in an offensive or aggressive way, they should contact admin by email, who will consider removing the post responsible and contacting the poster.

There will be no email or MB spamming of any Grey Tower member by any other. You will not randomly send non-Tower-related emails to members you do not know. The lists of email addresses given at the Grey Tower are NOT for chain-letters, sexist jokes, surveys or their like. No matter how desperate you are to find friends to forward things to, or people to recruit to your own sites, you may not use the Tower email lists in this way. Non-members should not post at the Tower without prior permission, or it may be regarded as spam and deleted. Intentionally anonymous posts may also be deleted as unwanted spam.

Members should observe the chain of authority in the Tower. The Officers, Heads, Sitters and administrative staff have all earned their positions through dedication and effort, and their opinions and decisions are to be respected. This is necessary for order in the Tower OOC, and for realism IC. Please work with us, and try not to make running the Tower any more difficult than it already is.

If anyone, no matter what rank, has any problems with a specific official, or is dissatisfied with anything, you are free to make a complaint to the M’Hael or Amyrlin Seat, and they will deal with it and keep you informed at all times.

At all times, members of the Grey Tower will abstain from roleplaying any characters but their own, unless they have the explicit and preliminary permission of the owner of the character in the specific situation that exists between bondmates. This rule applies to all characters, including Officers and Officials, apart from those incidential and superficial references that characterize gossip or rumors, as can also be expected to occur in the real world. Please see the Rules for playing other people’s characters page for more information.

These are the only absolute rules we have here. Everything else is secondary to these, and if these were followed by all people at all times, everything would be perfect. We realize that’s never going to happen in all cases, but they’re really not too much to ask, and they ensure that everything runs smoothly and the aims of the Tower are accomplished. On signing up to become a member of the Tower, you agree to abide by them, and accept the consequences, should you break them.

Welcome to GT3!

About the Grey Tower
In preparation for the Final Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, when the forces of good and evil will fully and finally come face to face, both Asha'man and Aes Sedai, with their warders by their sides, have banded together in the Grey Tower to prepare and to fight the Shadow where ever it may be found in the here and now..