Writing Class: Coursen Castellan

This class is for both new writers who want to learn some basics, standards, and tips, or for experienced writers who want to refresh their skills or learn something new. It was written with both over-all writing standards in mind, but also with more than ten years of experience in Grey Tower writing.
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Re: Writing Class: Coursen Castellan

Postby Bella » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:21 pm

Basically, what Tense you start with is the one you stay with. You don't "need" to use Present Tense in an otherwise Past Tense segment of exposition. The exceptions to this are internal thoughts and dialogue. In my example, I just marked examples, but not everywhere that it switched. My markers were not a complete list.

Let's say I took your first paragraph and treated it as if I was editing this for my work. (Including some other details/edits not mentioned earlier.) It would end up looking like this:

“Alright, Luciende, I believe you,” Coursen said to his old friend. Sighing and shaking his head, he continued, “But that’s still not enough to get you off the hook…” Coursen hesitated and, as Luciende opened his mouth, Coursen raised his hand again to cut him off. “Not with the Crown and their Councillors, at least. But it’s enough for me.” Nodding slowly, as if making a decision, Coursen took off his coin purse and offered it to Luciende. “Here, take this. It’s enough to get you far from Ghealdan and then some to keep you settled for a while.”

Luciende looked at Coursen in baffled surprise, almost disbelief.

Coursen grinned mirthlessly, almost grimly, but said, “Go on, get out of here. And don’t be seen. I don’t want any of this getting out to anyone. I figure this makes us even; you may just owe me one after this, in fact. I’ll collect later. Just think of me a friend from now on, and please, trust that I will never mean to hurt you.” Coursen smiled at Luciende and finished by telling him he’d take care of Lucienna.

Luciende nodded and, regaining some color to his visage, he left the tower silently and sneakily, leaving the door open.

Do you see the differences?

As for your other question... It is slightly subjective but in my experience, and I have a fair bit of it, it's more important to avoid walls of text. Reading and text is easier consumed for the reader when not in really big blocks. They are okay sometimes, but try to limit them. (Although I don't advise doing one line paragraphs either! Middle ground it happy ground. ^_^)

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