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Final Spar (Fanfic)

Postby Damon » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:09 am


Olin arrived for his final lesson with Dax Gaidin, he had risen early to try and run through a few of the drills in preparation for today's trials. As such he was surprised to see that the Gaidin leaning against the fence was not Dax Gaidin.

"Ah you must be Olin, sorry to surprise you with the switch, but recent events called Dax away for larger duties," said the man before him. Olin could see in the casual way he moved, and the way he deftly stripped his sword belt and hung it on the fence that this man was a warrior honed to a fine edge. "We'll do a quick spar and I will let Dax Gaidin know what I thought, and never fear I trained enough men at the Citadel before coming here. Name's Velen, and while I'm no master like Dax don't worry about holding back for my sake," Velen said with a smile as he settled into the guard stance.

Olin wasn't surprised that anyone who had managed to earn the fancloth cloak of a Gaidin had little to fear from a Novice fighter, and so he did his best to ignore his nerves and work on showcasing what he had learned. Crouching into the guard stance, Olin circled Velen, taking the time to get his feet and body into a rhythm.

First Olin struck a quick jab with his left, which he then followed by another quick punch with his right. Unsurprisingly Velen simply moved his body out of the way, twisting his shoulders just so to prevent contact.

Pressing his spar with Velen, Olin continued to attempt strikes against his opponent. Following up with a combo he had practiced, Olin launched a quick strike towards the shoulder with his left hand, and a knee strike towards the midriff:

Velen evaded Olin's initial attack, his body shifting in response to almost invisible cues of posture and footwork. That the Ghealdan lad had paid attention was clear, his footwork was good and Velen could see the commitment to powering through the target.

Each blow was parried with precise and controlled movements, the Gaidin was worried more with testing than overcoming his opponent, and so he was able to devote himself to defence. Now was the time to test Olin's mettle on the defensive, and so Velen shuffled on the sands quickly, shifting the momentum of the fight in the space of two heartbeats.

He opened with a punch at Olin's face with his right hand, then dropped lower and swung at the man's torso with a left hook. He then swept a kick out towards the other man's knees hoping to knock him off balance.

Olin had fortunately fallen back into his guard stance just prior to the sudden shift in momentum, and he was able to just evade the attacks in time. A block with his shoulder, painful but not unbearable allowed him to block the attack to his face, and a quick double step allowed him to avoid the kick to his knee.

But Velen was a seasoned warrior, and so the man came up from the kick and continued to press his attack. This time Velen struck with a quick combo of attacks from both left and right, followed up with a dropping hook to the neck.

Olin allowed the first attack to slide off to the left, moving his head at the last minute to avoid the blow. Seeing the second punch coming, he grabbed the other mans arm and tried twisting the blow up and over him. This left him open for the reprisal, an elbow to the thick of the neck that stung with what he knew would be a fierce bruise. Still he was able to push through the blow and make a counter attack that sent the other man backwards to avoid the blow.

Seeing Velen Gaidin disengage once more, Olin stopped the spar, standing as he awaited his teachers verdict. Sweat poured down his back, and he knew he had held nothing back.

"Good job Soldier, you have a lot of polish yet before id throw you in with the Ji, but it's clear you've worked hard and pushed your body through the conditioning. I will let Dax Gaidin know how today went, but I am pleased," Velen said with a smile as he dismissed Olin and summoned the next student forward.
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