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Biographies are accounts of a character's life, containing events leading up to arriving at the Tower. They also include physical descriptions.

The 12 Depositories

1st: Day to Day
2nd: Raisings
3rd: Return Fanfics
4th: Culture/Geography
5th: The Shadow
6th: Warfare/Combat
7th: Romantic
8th: Humor
9th: History
10th: Skills/How-To's
11th: Essays
12th: Poems and Songs

Fanfics are written works set in the Wheel of Time universe. The Grey Tower has 12 Depositories, or sections, of its Fanfiction. Click on one to find a more detailed description of each as well as all the Fanfics in that category. The Fanfic section does not differentiate between works of current or retired members.

Day to Day Role-plays
Combat/Training Role Plays
Big Role-plays
Major Role-plays

RP Transcripts are archived role-plays that have been preserved at the request of the authors. They include anything from Day to Day threads to Major Role-plays to Ceremonies such as Weddings, Bondings, Awards, etc.

Fanfic Submissions
Role-play Transcripts
Biography Changes
Artwork Submissions

Use these forms to submit new fanfics, biography changes, artwork, and Roleplay transcripts you would like to be archived.

Note: These are password protected. The username is greytower, and the password is the secret word that you use on the message boards.

The main hall of the Library is enormous, lit by tall arching windows and a great hanging chandelier. Although quiet, many people come and go, borrowing, returning, and reading books. Across the walls are maps of cities, countries, and the known world. You wonder how anyone, even spending their whole life, could learn all that is in this great room. Some think of the Library as being dark, although this simply results from the wood paneled walls and crowded in shelves.

IC Character Pics
OOC Character Pics
Tower Maps & Diagrams
Warder Yard Art Gallery
General Artwork
Scroll Gallery

The Art Gallery contains any player created art that has been submitted that is Wheel of Time related. It also includes OOC pictures of players themselves.

History Timeline
GT Officer Timeline
The Memorial
AS & AM of the Ages
CoY Membership History
Nations Demographics

The Chronicles are a collection of pages detailing the history and background of the Grey Tower, both IC and OOC.

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Exceptional Awards
Ajah Ribbons
RP Awards
Skill Awards
Rank Markers

Awards are given to Tower members by admin, ajah heads or bianually selected by Tower members.

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