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Additional Characters

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A Short Note on this Page:

To look at this page alone, you might think the Grey Tower was a place swamped with litigation and rules. Unfortunately, the "double character" issue has been with us from the very start, and has caused all sorts of problems in the past. This is the only way the Hall can find to solve it. Remember that unless you're planning on playing more than one character at a time here, none of this applies to you at all, so you don't even need to read or worry about it. The Grey Tower is not a restrictive society, and these are in fact the only rules of this type which we have. Most people never even need look at this page.

Having a Secondary Character:

Most players find that controlling one character is enough at the Grey Tower, allowing space and time for character development, Raising and meeting other members. However, after playing a character for a very long time, and having no Raising left to do, some players feel their character has hit a dead end. They are still fond of him/her, and still regard him/her as their online persona, but need something new to try in terms of roleplaying.

The directions set out here were discussed and approved by the Hall of Sitters on the 2nd September, 2001, tested, and made official on the 17th November. They allow a player who has become confined by their original character choice to create a secondary character to roleplay. This secondary character does not replace the first, but provides an alternative body in which to roleplay, when they don't want to be their primary character.

On May 23rd, 2003, the Hall of Sitters approved the creation of Tertiary characters under certain circumstances (detailed below). On March 20th, 2005, the Hall of Sitters decided to allow members to have an unlimited number of characters, given that they follow the guidelines as stated below. These rules apply to all secondary characters.

It wasn't until February 20th, 2015, that the rules on secondary characters became a lot more lax and lenient.

Secondary Character Rules:

Rule One:

A person may apply for an additional character once any/all existing characters are at least mid rank.

Rule Two:

In order to be approved for additional characters, a player must be in good standing in the community, must have shown good character development in existing characters, and must have maintained a steady level of activity with ALL existing characters.

Rule Three:

If a person does not meet those requirements, they will be advised to retire an existing character before creating a new one.