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This page contains deprecated information and/or rules which is no longer accurate or current. The information displayed herein is preserved for posterity alone.

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Benefit Information - Benefit Tiers
Zero Tier Benefits - First Tier Benefits - Second Tier Benefits - Third Tier Benefits - Fourth Tier Benefits


The Benefits system offers a way to keep track of some of the supplemental skills and abilities which characters can learn (or may know already). These Benefits may or may not be available to everyone, depending on rank or whether or not you can channel, (see Ajah Secret Weave sets). Channelling Benefits may also require specific training by another member, and some are even secret until you are fully raised in an Ajah! Some Benefits are designed to supplement a character's Skill with weapons, and more information on weapons and fighting skills can be found by consulting the Weapon Skills Page.

To read about the enormous selection of Benefit attributes and what you have to do to earn them, please consult the Benefit Tiers.

An Aes Sedai and Asha'man does not cease learning when raised to the shawl or cord. Rather, that it only the completion of the first novice stage and the beginning of the next, for there is much to be learned thereafter. When a Sister or Brother is taken into an Ajah, That Ajah offers Secret Weave sets are available through active involvement and association with that Ajah. Each Ajah has unique Secret Weave sets to offer its members. The Ajah's hold thousands of years of experience that any single Brother or Sister can not master, but may always draw upon to learn, grow, and specialize.

Participation in the Benefits system is optional. One either has a Benefit, or not, despite the varying numbers of requirements to earn said Benefit. Benefits indicate an "expert level of knowledge or aptitude". This does not negate, for example, experience with Daes Dae'mar. Those with the Benefit of Daes De'mar Mastery would simply be a master or expert compared to the average Aes Sedai or Asha'man.

How to Attain Benefits From the Tiers

In general, when you seek to attain a Benefit, you need to portray your character's learning or developing an aptitude with the Benefit. Briefly mentioning that your character is studying Battle Lore won't do, since we mean for you to portray the expert knowledge and the earning thereof, and not jump ahead to the point where the character is a scholar in the history of Warfare. Here are the details on the different kind of requirements:

Write in detail about your character using/learning the Benefit in a thread. The different Tiers will tell you how many posts you need to write, but remember that only detailed posts with the absolute minimum of 250 words or more will be accepted. Also, the Ajahs' secret Weaves need to be taught to you, and are not something your character may learn on their own. The only exception being if there are no characters able to teach them, the administration may allow other avenues for learning the benefit.
This applies for both Non-Channelling and Channelling combat-oriented Benefits as well as more theoretical Benefits. Write in detail about your character learning the Benefit in a training thread. The different Tiers will tell you how many posts you need to write for each different Benefit. Remember that only detailed posts with the absolute minimum of 250 words or more will be accepted.
This applies for the Non-Channelling combat-oriented Benefits. Write in detail about your character using/learning the Benefit in a sparring or training thread. As mentioned, the different Tiers will tell you how many posts you need to write. Only a minimum of 250 words or more will be accepted.
Write a Fanfic (min. 600 words)
Detail in a story of the present or the past where your character use the Benefit. The different Tiers will tell you how many fanfics you need to write, but remember that only detailed fics with the absolute minimum of 600 words or more will be accepted. The applicable Officer might accept a shorter fanfic if the writing or details happened to be of unusually good quality, but that's up to his/her judgement.
Taking Classes
The Class Listings will give you information on which available Classes there are that could allow your character to be taught a Benefit.
Use Your Biography
If you are lucky, or if you had already decided to do so when writing it, your biography might hold enough detail for you to be granted a Benefit. This because your biography is a form of fanfic, and as long as it meets the Tier requirements, you may earn Benefits from this initial writing you have made with your character. The Ajahs' secrets needs to be taught to you, and are not something your character may learn on their own prior to arriving to the Tower.

Maximum Number of Benefits Exception
Beginning Ranks: (5) Will apply for everyone to begin with, Channellers or Non-Channellers. Although, after attaining the Shawl/Cord/Fancloak, one may apply for more Benefits after you have used all points available. Each extra Benefit is approved by the Administrators, and the requirements to be approved can involve making a beneficial GT Web Page, host a Major or Big RP, teach a needed Class, or Mentoring new members.
Middle Ranks: (7)
Full Ranks: (10)
Blademaster: (12)
Ajah Head: (12)
MoNSTers/WCR: (13)
Keepers/GC: (14)
Amyrlin/M'Hael/MoA: (15)

Finally, after picking a Benefit from the Tiers and writing what you hope may apply, you are to submit the URL of the thread/fanfic/class in the Benefit Form.

Using Benefits against each other

While several of these Benefits directly oppose each other (Stealth and Alertness, for example), all effects should be handled in RP. This includes situations where someone with a relevant Weapon Skill, Talent Points or One Power Strength is using it on someone without an opposing Benefit. (In other words, these are 'Benefits,' not 'Guarantees Of Victory.') There are no rules for how to resolve these situations; use whatever solution works best for the story that you and your role playing partners are attempting to tell. When in doubt, ask the people you are RPing with.

Using Benefits in Combat

Several of the Benefits listed below (Hard to Hit, Powerful Strikes, Bloodless Victory, et. al) deal with a character's 'style' of fighting with weapons. It is important to realize that they are intended only to help you explore and define the kinds of techniques your character prefers; they do not make your character a better fighter. Actual Weapon Skill in combat is generally the deciding factor, and that is determined by a character's Weapons Skill Points. If you wish to become a more powerful warrior, that is where you should concentrate your attention.

Thus, all other thing being equal, if a Drin'far'ji with two Weapon Skill Points in sword faces off against a Ji'alantin with three points in sword, the Ji'alantin will win - even if the Drin'far'ji has taken every combat-related Benefit available, and the Ji'alantin has taken no Benefit at all. Obviously, there is room for extenuating circumstances - including plain old beginner's luck - and the actual outcome of any fight or spar should be worked out with the people you are roleplaying with.

The Administration of the Benefits System

Your Benefit form is received and processed by the M'Hael or Amyrlin Seat or Master of Arms (the Administrators). The Administrator will then update the Benefit List with your information.

The Amyrlin Seat and M'Hael and Master of Arms' personal Benefit requests will be processed by the Keeper of the Chronicles or Keeper of the Archives respectively or the Gaidin Captain.

About Ajah Weaves

Please see Weaves.

Editing Benefit Tiers

New skills/attributes/weaves are invented or re-discovered in role-play. The Amyrlin Seat, M'Hael, and Master of Arms (the Administrators) have the power to create new Benefits as needed, as well as their descriptions. They may also have them removed or reorganized, at their discretion - but mindful of the fact that members might have earned the Benefits in question. Any changes to the Tiers should be discussed amongst the administrative team.