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Drin Conduct

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  • shall not bond, or be bonded by Aes Sedai or Asha'man
  • shall refrain from distracting relationships with Tower staff or other trainees and may not wed
  • shall address Aes Sedai and Asha'man correctly and with utmost respect at all times
  • shall follow the instructions of Ji'val and show them no less than the respect they deserve... but certainly no more
  • shall only leave the grounds on allowed 'free days' and events. Drin do not require an escort but are expected to uphold the honor of the Warders Yard at all times.
  • shall not claim or pretend to hold any rank higher than their own
  • shall under no circumstances participate in so-called 'pranks' or other such childishness
  • shall arrive for classes on time, in the correct frame of mind, and bring the appropriate notes
  • shall ensure that their dress and appearance reflects the pride of the Tower at all times, with particular attention to the correct mode of dress
  • shall not enter the living quarters of the opposite gender unless commanded on an errand there
  • shall be ready to perform chores with alacrity at all times
  • shall be in their rooms within four hours after Low
  • shall keep their rooms clean
  • shall return Library books on time

Failure to comply with these rules will result in punishment as dictated by the Master of Training.

These are IC rules, and if you wish your character to transgress them, it must be done in a way that accurately reflects RJ's world. Your character would probably be most unwilling to break the rules, and so his/her reluctance should be roleplayed, along with the steps he/she takes to avoid notice. Breaking rules nearer the top of the list will result in more severe punishments than those nearer the bottom.

Your character also runs the risk of discovery, which will result in IC punishment, ranging from stilling and executing (eg: for using the One Power to help your bonded stable-boy darkfriend husband murder an Aes Sedai in the Hall of Sitters while returning an overdue Library book four and a half hours after Low), down to dishwashing (eg: for forgetting to address an Aes Sedai correctly). For further detail on IC punishments, visit the Punishments for Learning Ranks page.

Breaking these rules can form the basis of a good RP, but you must be prepared for your character to accept punishment as part of the RP, should this occur.