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Earning Weapon Skill Points

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Weapon Skills
Weapon Skills - Earning Weapon Skill Points - Weapon Skill Form - Blademastery

There are multiple options for earning points in the Weapon Skill System. For each option listed below, please remember:

  • You must meet or exceed the minimum word count for the point(s) you wish to earn (so for your first point, 600 words; for your second, an additional 800 words, etc.)
  • You may be asked to write more than the minimum at the Mistress of Arms' discretion
  • Typically a single completed item will result in a single Weapon Skill point. More may be granted in exceptional cases- discuss with the Mistress of Arms.

Once you have the requirements to have more skill, submit the Weapon Skill form.

The Mistress of Arms will consider your request and make a decision based on what you submitted. Her decision is final.

Training options to consider

Training Sessions: These threads must be completed with a credited trainer. Willing trainers can be found on the Weapon Skill Listings in the Warder Yards. Trainers can only train other characters up to the level of skill that they already possess.

Training Others: If you already have points in your weapon and you are willing to train or evaluate others, you can sign up to be a trainer. Your information will be added to the Members Contact list in the Warder Yards. You may earn one point per training thread. Please note that NPC Training/Evaluating is not applicable towards the skill points of your character.

Classes: You can earn Weapon Skill Points by taking relevant classes. The number of points you can earn will be stated in the class intro post. Check the forums for currently available classes.

Correspondence Classes: If you wish to train in a weapon that is not covered by a class, please consult the archives for old classes. You will be able to find old classes that have been discontinued. You must complete each lesson as if the class were still active, compiling all of your responses in an email that you must then send to the Master of Training for grading. Once you have passed, you may then apply for your Weapon Skill points.

Fanfics: The fanfic must relate in some way to your training or use of the weapon you apply the point towards. For instance, a story about practicing, sparring, training, or fighting with your weapon would be acceptable.

Roleplayed Fights/Spars: You can earn points by fighting/sparring with PCs, PSCs, or NPCs.

If you are facing a PC / PSC:Your opponent's skill level in the weapon in question must be greater than or equal to your own. For more experienced warriors (4 or more points in their weapons) we strongly recommend sparring against multiple opponents (it's good practice, both IC and OOC). In a multiple-opponent spar, the total of your opponents' skills must be equal to or greater than your own.

If you are facing an NPC: Word count, quality of writing, difficulty of the encounter, and focus on the fight will be taken into consideration when determining what to award.

Major RP: If you use your weapon repeatedly in a Major RP, you can submit the posts for consideration. Several detailed posts-or continued, in depth use-relevant to the weapon in question are required for application towards skill points.

Evaluation: The only time you can definitely receive more than one Weapon Skill point is if you receive an evaluation of existing skills. See below.

Prior Knowledge

There are some characters who come to the Grey Tower with previous weapons training and/or combat experience. The following system has been put into place to accommodate that. Each new character has a number of points which they may claim at any time during their first rank (Drin/Novice/Soldier) with proper justification and approval by the MoA. These points are still subject to weapon caps per rank, however.

For example, a new Drin character has 5 to 7 points potentially available to them, but can claim no more than 3 per weapon. (New channelers have 3 to 5 available, but with weapon caps at 2.)

Your path to claiming these points can be either OOC or IC. You may appeal to the MoA with a clear description of why your character should have these points--they served as a lieutenant in an army, for example, and used a sword in combat.

IC, you can write a thread or a fic that “shows” the skill level of your character. It can be set prior to the Tower or shown once in the Tower, in the case of threads/evaluation spars.

It is important to remember that the more points you wish to claim, the better/clearer your justification is going to need to be.


Evaluations are a one-shot test in which your Evaluator may award you the number of points which he or she feels your character has demonstrated with one weapon. These evaluations are expected to be serious. In evaluations, the person being evaluated must write least an attack and respond action in each of their posts.

  • Minimum total word count must be met for the number of points you want.
  • More than five posts is strongly encouraged, but not required.
  • Evaluators can award as many points as their character possesses.
  • Blademaster status cannot be earned through an evaluation.

It occasionally happens that a character of low Rank demonstrates exceptional skill with his or her chosen weapon, and their Evaluator judges them worthy of more points than the character should be able to receive. (Consult the Skill Caps Chart for more information.) In evaluations only, the points awarded may exceed the Maximum Points Per Weapon. However, points awarded in an evaluation may never exceed Total Cumulative Points, nor can you earn more than five points in an evaluation.


Let us suppose you get evaluated for a high level of skill. Say five points in sword.

Case One: a Drin with no other Weapon Skills.
Total points = 6
per weapon = 2
In this case you receive all five points in the sword, and you still have a single point left over which you can use to train in something else. It violates the 'per weapon' cap, but not the 'total points' cap.

Case Two: a Soldier with no other Weapon Skills.
Total points = 2
per weapon = 2
In this case you receive 2 points in the sword (that is, as many 'total points' as you are allowed. After you are Raised, you receive the remaining 3 points. (Please remind Admin.)

Case Three: a Drin who already has 2 points in quarterstaff.
Total points = 6 (4 remaining) per weapon = 2
In this case the character would receive 4 of the 5 points which the Evaluator awarded, thus bringing him up to 6 'total points'. The remaining point would be awarded once the character is Raised to Ji'val.

In other words, points awarded during evaluations can violate the allowable number of points per weapon for your rank, but not the total number of points available at your rank.

Finding a Trainer or Evaluator

It is generally recommended that you either contact a trainer/evaluator directly or enroll in a class. Standing around in the Warder Yards waiting for help is not a terribly effective way to get training. There is no real difference between a trainer and an evaluator; anyone with skill in a weapon can train or evaluate others up to their own level of skill.

NPC Trainers and Evaluators: If you are unable to find another player whose character can tutor you in your weapon of choice, NPC Trainers provide a possible alternative. NPC Trainers may be created for a single, specific training session, or they may be created on a long-term basis to help out around the Warder Yards (and believe me, all such help is appreciated). The limits on NPC Trainers are the following:

  • If you wish to create an NPC in order to train your own character, you must find someone else (a character belonging to another player) to train at the same time as your own character.
  • You cannot use an NPC Trainer to evaluate your own character. THIS IS EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN TO PREVENT ABUSE OF THE SYSTEM. Once you have an approved NPC Trainer, however, you can use the NPC to evaluate other people's characters.

Losing Points through Atrophy

Should the case be that someone regrets to have earned a certain level of skill in a weapon skill, one can atrophy one skill point at the time by writing a Fanfic or a Thread for each point. In the Fanfic/Thread, you must depict how your character somehow cease to train with the given weapon. Here are a few IC examples for reasons that the Master of Arms could approve:

  • The person has found that he/she has too little in-born talent for the weapon-of-choice.
  • That he/she has found another weapon that suits him/her better, and focus on the training of this weapon to the point he/she stops using the former one.
  • That something the person did with the weapon has given him physcological issues. (Killed a woman, child etc.) He will therefore not touch the weapon again.
  • It could also be accidental, that the character has failed to spend sufficent time training with a weapon. This can be depicted in how he/she fail in a spar. Or, he/she could possibly resort to other weaponry in order to win such a spar.

OOC reasons for wanting to drop one or two points in a weapon are more plain to the writer. However, a good example is that the Trainees of the Warder Yards need to gain 2 skill points in Unarmed Combat and 3 skill points in his/her Primary Weapon. But since Drin'far'ji can only gain a certain amount of skill points, he/she might have to drop a point or two in some skill if they fail to realise this in time for their Raising Application.

If your want to Atrophy Skill, you should email the Master of Arms with the attached fanfic/URL of the Thread. The Fanfic should be a minimum of 500 words and the Thread at least 6 posts long from the member who wish to Athropy Skill.