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Grey Tower FAQ

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World and Setting

What is the timeline?

We are in a mirror world where some book events have happened, but others have not. Please read this page for more information.

Where is the Tower located?

The Grey Tower is located on the north eastern shore of Lake Somal in the Mountains of Mist. It is surrounded by the city of Hama Valon, which once was a small village known as Elman's Creek.

What’s the deal with the Indigo Ajah?

The Indigo Ajah seeks to uncover lost Talents from the Age of Legends. They have already discovered the secret of making sa'angreal, angreal, and ter'angreal and are responsible for the Tower's collection of these objects of the Power. Further information about the Indigo Ajah can be found on their Library page.

What’s the deal with the Red Ajah?

When the Grey Tower was founded, there were no Red Ajah representatives. A few years ago, however, a young woman named Carraidhin Glaisne chose the Red Ajah when she exited the Great Stair, and reinvented it from the ground up. The Red Ajah is significantly different from the canon Red Ajah, and as such it is strongly recommend that you read their Library page.

Does the Grey Tower have a Black Ajah?

Of course! Though in character no official of the Tower will ever admit to such, because such is the custom. The Black Ajah page has more information.

Character Creation

How should my character biography be done?

Full information is found in the joining information pages when you create your character. Basic guidelines is to flesh out your character, either in first or third person, and establish how they came to the Tower. Most importantly, be realistic, and leave room for character development.

Is admission to the Grey Tower selective or exclusive?

Anyone who is 18 or over is welcome to join. We have standards regarding what we will and will not accept for character profiles, so you may be asked to make adjustments to your character before being granted full access.

Can I join as a character in one of Robert Jordan's books?

This is something we do not allow, with absolutely no exceptions. We also do not allow direct relationship with (regardless of distance) with any character who lived at any point during the duration of the series. You MAY use House surnames from the books (such as Trakand, Damodred, Bashere) so long as you are not obviously copying a canon character.

Can I have more than one character?

Absolutely, one of the best parts of writing is exploring different types of characters. There is currently no limit to the number of characters you may play, but there are stipulations as to at which point you can create another character. The rules for multiple characters can be found here.

Why can't I jump in and play an advanced character?

The systems we have in place are to help assure a balanced quality of role-play for all those who write here. It is also an attempt to curb godmoding and to keep the writers honest and assist in character development.

Can I transfer a ranked character from another site?

If the site is in a roughly equivalent setting and you can provide proof that you were there and what rank you held, absolutely! Please see this page for more details.

Can I return with a previous character?

Of course you may, though there are a few things required of you. There is more information here.

Character Development and Roleplay

What is Godmoding?

Godmoding can happen in a number of ways. The three most common ways are to, first, write a character that is unrealistically powerful in any aspect, second, to have a character with no weaknesses or flaws and thus be unrealistic, and the third, and perhaps most offensive and abrasive is to write for another player character's thoughts, words, or actions. All of these are considered a violation of the First Aim of the Grey Tower and can lead to disciplinary action or banning.

How do I raise through the ranks?

The raising requirements for all groups are the same, and can be found here.

How do Talents, Weapon Skills, and other systems work here?

We have skill systems for One Power strength and affinities, Talents, Abilities, Weapon Skills, and non-channeling skill masteries. You can find all of that information in our library.

How do I submit a biography update or a fanfic?

If you wish to submit character or library updates, please refer to the main site for links to the various forms.

What is a Mentor? How do I get one?

A full description of the Mentor system can be found on this page.

I don't like my Mentor, s/he's not as helpful to me as another person might be. What can I do?

Your first course of action should be to talk to your mentor about your concerns. Be open and honest, but polite. Remember that these are also real people with real lives. Should this not work out you should contact your respective Officer (either the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, or Master of Training). They will help you to find a solution.

What are the rules for my character's behavior?

No specific set of rules has been drawn up regarding overall character behavior. For the Learning Ranks there is the Channeller Conduct Expectations, the Drin Conduct Expectations, and the Learning Ranks Schedules and Chores pages for ease of reference.

What happens if s/he breaks them and how is that determined?

The punishment of IC offenses made by your character are dealt with by the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, or the Master of Training respective to who committed the offense. Please remember that IC offenses can often be great character development and do not reflect poorly in any way on the writer as long as they are willing to let their character face the consequences of their actions. Note that all specifically-assigned IC punishments must be played out before a character can be raised.

Can I play a ta'veren character?

It is possible, but the use of ta'veren is limited. Your character may be temporary ta'veren as long as the correct procedures and restrictions are followed. They are:

  • Those who wish to use the ability must send a detailed application to the Triumvirate stating how they plan to use it and for how long they expect to use it. These officials do have the right to refuse the application.
  • The use of the ability is limited to a single major roleplay, fanfic, lengthy thread, or story line.
  • The use of the ability is restricted solely to the person(s) who applied for it.

Site Administration

Who owns this site?

The Grey Tower is owned by no one person. If you would like to reach the current site leadership, please email the Triumvirate.

What are the official administrator positions?

The Amyrlin Seat, the M’Hael, and the Master/Mistress of Arms are collectively called the Triumvirate, and are the leaders of the site. Other administrative positions include the Keeper of the Chronicles, the Keeper of the Archives, the Gaidin Captain, the Mistress of Novices, the Master of Soldiers, and the Master of Training. In addition to these positions we have the Tamyrlin, who is the person responsible for paying the hosting bill, and the Master of Keys, who is the technical administrator. You can see who holds is currently in each position by going to this page.

How are administrators chosen for the site?

When a position opens up, nominations are opened to the site. Anyone with an eligible character may be nominated, or nominate themselves. After nominations have closed, the nominees are put up for vote.

How Ajah Heads and Sitters chosen?

Ajah Heads are selected through election by the remnants of an Ajah should an Ajah Head step down or be removed. Sitters are appointed, three per Ajah, by the Ajah Head. There is more information here.

Who can participate in Hall discussions and votes?

Any active member with an approved character can participate in discussions and vote on issues. It is recommended that super new members sit back and observe the culture of the site a bit so they understand what it is they are voting for or against.

How often is the site updated?

Changes are made to the site on a daily basis. Generally speaking a character update should be reflected in the Library no more than four days from the time it is approved.

How do I contact administration?

If you wish to submit character or library updates, please refer to the main site for links to the various forms. For general inquiries, please email us and the appropriate administrator will get back to you shortly.

How do I report an error?

Please email us with the details.

Who can help me with my problem?

There are several ways you can get help with problems or questions you might have. The most direct and efficient way is to email us, but you may also post in the Q&A thread in the main message board if you have a general inquiry.

What are the Grey Tower’s behaviour guidelines?

The rules of the Tower are outlined in the Aims and Rules of the Tower. Each tower member is expected to read and understand the content of that page before they submit their joining form.

What happens if I break the OOC rules?

The consequences of breaking the OOC rules of the Tower can range from restriction of posting and/or chatting privileges to being permanently banned from the site. This decision is made by the Triumvirate.

Can I appeal a decision made by the Triumvirate?

Decisions can be appealed by emailing the Triumvirate. If such an appeal is made the issue will be discussed with the admin team as a whole and the decision made there is final.

Site Culture

Do I have to pay to play?

Absolutely not, this is a completely free community, and we welcome any who want to join us here and abide by our policies. The site does need money to run and donations are accepted. If you want to donate contact one of the officers and we'll tell you how to make that happen. Once again, donations are completely voluntary, and in no way affect your status as a member here.

Are there activity expectations?

There are no minimum requirements for posting or activity to be a member of the Grey Tower. We want to include all those of every level of participation that their ability and real lives let them. Please be aware we do run quarterly activity checks and prune our Library of those who do not respond to our email. You are always welcome to return if you get caught by this net! See this page for more information.

How do I find people to write with?

You can make a thread in the Wanted forum, or if you want to just post on any of the IC boards with ATTN: Anyone in your subject line and wait for someone to join in. It happens all the time.

How do I chat?

There is a thread with all the relevant information here.

Site History

How did all this start?

The Grey Tower was first created in 1998 by Toby Selwyn. He wanted to establish a community where channellers of both genders would work together, with their warders, to fight the Shadow and prepare for the Last Battle. It's history over the past decade and more have brought about many changes, though the main premise is still the same: to have fun writing together in a universe we love.

Has anyone ever been expelled from the Tower?

Yes, but only rarely. As mentioned above, expulsion is generally only used to punish major infractions of the Grey Tower's rules, or in situations where the disruptive behavior is ongoing.