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Grey Tower Raising Requirements

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To be raised from one rank to the next, regardless of group:

1. Complete five (5) items from the list below (These items should show development of your character's skills, maturity, and depth)

2. Submit for approval

3. Wait for approval

Restrictions / Specifications on #1:

  • Non-channelers must have 2 battle-related* items; channelers must have 2 channeling-related items
    • This could be earning Talent/Weapon Skill points, earning a channeling or battle-oriented Mastery, or just straight up channeling/fighting with nothing gained but character development.
  • Accepted / Dedicated must have at least one Ajah choice-related item
  • Items cannot be "doubled" (i.e. you can't take a class to get skill points AND class credit; it has to be one or the other)
  • At least one item must be an interactive RP (i.e. not a fanfiction or a class)
  • All items must be a minimum of 1000 words / 200 words per post.
  • OP Strength and Affinities must be finalized before being raised to full rank.

List of items:

  • Write a thread, class, or fanfiction where you earn Talent point(s)
  • Write a thread, class, or fanfiction where you earn Weapon Skill point(s)
  • Write a thread, class, or fanfiction where you earn Special Ability point(s)
  • Earn a Mastery
  • Write a general RP thread
  • Write a fanfiction
  • Participate in an MRP
    • Clarification after many questions: Every 5 posts of 200 words or more counts as a fulfilled requirement. The "no doubling" rule still applies.
  • Take a class (archived or active)
  • Write a NEW class
  • Teach a current class, with 2 passing students
  • Other items as agreed upon with admin

Once you are ready to be raised, complete this form to submit your raising requirements for review.

You can optionally begin writing your raising test while you wait for a response if you like; the templates are below: