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Hall of Ajahs

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black


The Blue Ajah is dedicated to worthy causes and champions justice in the lands.

Head of Ajah:
Old Website:


The Browns live for the thirst of knowledge and discovery; they are never far from some ancient book.

Head of Ajah:
Old Website:


Typically called the Battle Ajah, the Green stands ready to fight against the Dark One and his followers.

Head of Ajah: Miahala Majere
Old Website:


The Greys are the Tower’s negotiators, often used in diplomatic relations between countries.

Head of Ajah: Taesh Durlaen
Old Website:


The Indigo Ajah is occupied with the study and development of Talents and *angreal.

Head of Ajah: Elia Darrow
Old Website:


The Red Ajah is a reinvention of an old Ajah with new goals. We are not your normal Red Aes Sedai. Men and Women welcome!

Head of Ajah: Jaryd Kosari
Old Website:


The members of the White Ajah are the seekers of truth, using logic and philosophy as their primary tools.

Head of Ajah: Leala Gymorraine
Old Website:


The Yellow Ajah is involved with studying and developing the Talent of Healing.

Head of Ajah: Maever Donovan
Old Website:


The Black Ajah does not exist. Really, you don’t want to see what goes on there.

Head of Ajah: Elia Darrow
Old Website: