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Julian Taavo (NPC)

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Julian Taavo
JOOL-lee-uhn TAH-vo
Gender: Male
Nationality: Tairen (Tear)
Rank: Master of Training
Bondmate(s): Isadora Taavo (PSC)
Spouse: Isadora Taavo (PSC)
Children: None
Played by: Craig

Talents / Abilities:

Weapon Skills:


OP Strength:


Height: 5' 8"
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black, going grey

Julian Taavo does not immediately seem to be cut from the traditional Gaidin cloth. His appearance is much softer and his face more expressive than most Gaidin of the Yards. Part of this is to do with his sheltered upbringing as a child of a High Lord in Tear, although a lot more of it can be placed with the fact that Julian is a deep romantic at heart, and his reasons for being at the Tower is solely motivated by love.

There is nothing outwardly extraordinary about Julian. He has short, dark hair that has begun to both recede and turn grey. His chin and lip is always adorned with the beginnings of facial hair, although it never gets to any meaningful length before it's shaven off. His appearance is impeccable, but subdued within the walls of the Grey Tower; outside of Hama Valon, his coats are of the finest cut of the richest cloths. The one thing that does mark Julian out is his facial expressions: he has an incredible range that runs from ecstatic to manic. That doesn't necessary mean he's an open book to read, but when emotions fly people are left in little doubt how he feels.

Not a man of any one great vice, Julian instead dabbles in many smaller ones. He drinks and gambles in moderation, plays stones to no great degree of skill, and smokes whenever he finds himself with a bit of time on his hands. He is also a bit of a mimic when it comes to local customs, trying his hand for a while at whatever passes for everyday when he crosses through a nation. There was an unfortunate year long period when he attempted a Shieneran topknot, and a less lengthy attempt at wearing bells in his hair. His wife also possesses a marriage knife from Altara, which she unsurprisingly does not wear.


Julian's early years were no different than any other son of a High Lord of Tear. He was wont for nothing, had a fine education, was bored and longed for adventure like all of his friends, and had no real grasp of the actual value of gold. He frittered away time and money on dalliances with women, as well as in games of gambling. Little truly sated Julian's appetite for any length of time.

He made a decision shortly after his sixteenth nameday to travel, as preparation and hands-on education for his eventual duty as a lord. Unbeknownst to his family, he wanted to visit Tar Valon, Hama Valon, and Caemlyn. As a Tairen he had a natural antagonism against channellers, thus seeking them out to study their ways seemed sound reasoning for the young Julian. His time at the Black Tower was short-lived, so the Grey Tower became destination #2.

Signing the book, Julian became a Drin of the Warder Yards. The training was quite different from his education back in Tear, and he found himself learning far more than he had anticipated. The boredom that had set in being a wealthy dilettante evaporated under the instructions of the various Gaidin.

It was during his fifth month at the Grey Tower when Julian first lay eyes upon his future wife. She was a golden-haired beauty with the most captivating blue eyes and snowy skin. He ended up staring at her for so long, she thought there was something on her face.

That first encounter truly was love at first sight for Julian. Isadora helped him put aside his animosity for channelers as she explained what the One Power allowed her to do, and how she could use that ability to help fight against the Dark One and the Blight. So unlike the women he knew back in Tear, Julian found himself enraptured by everything Isa was. He made a pledge to be her sword when they were both risen to their full ranks, and on the day that Julian earned the fancloak, he presented her both with a ring of marriage and an offer to become her Warder. He vowed that nothing would come before her happiness, renouncing his claims in Tear, and taking her family name as his own.

In the years that have followed, their love has matured but never lessened.

Career History

Joined as a Drin on 0000/00/00 Raised to Ji'val on 0000/00/00 Raised to Gaidin on 0000/00/00 Appointed to Gaidin Captain on 2016/09/03 Appointed to Master/Mistress of Training on 2016/11/28

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