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Current IC Leadership Structure
The Amyrlin Seat The M'Hael The Master of Arms
Ninya Evoneigh (NPC) Feroce Liendin (NPC) Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow
The Keeper of the Chronicles The Keeper of the Archives The Gaidin Captain
Isadora Taavo (NPC) Murdock Mather Ferran Carbern (NPC)
The Mistress of Novices The Master of Soldiers The Mistress of Training
Tia Tomosan Jaryd Kosari Riahana Tomosan
Current OOC Staff Structure
The Triumvirate
Bella* Matty* Roan*
The Librarian
The MoNSTer

Links and Site Information
Tower Pages Tower Roster Character Creation
Info for New Members Character Development


Fanfics are written works set in the Wheel of Time universe. The Grey Tower has 12 Depositories, or sections, of its Fanfiction. Click on one to find a more detailed description of each as well as all the Fanfics in that category. The Fanfic section does not differentiate between works of current or retired members.

RP Transcripts

RP Transcripts are archived role-plays that have been preserved at the request of the authors. They include anything from Day to Day threads to Major Role-plays to Ceremonies such as Weddings, Bondings, Awards, etc.

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery contains any player created art that has been submitted that is Wheel of Time related. It also includes OOC pictures of players themselves.

The Chronicles

The Chronicles are a collection of pages detailing the history and background of the Grey Tower, both IC and OOC.


Awards are given to Tower members by admin, ajah heads or bi-anually selected by Tower members.