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Mentor Information - Become a Mentor

Becoming a mentor

Those who wish to be mentors must apply and be approved by the Tower administration. To apply, just fill out the Mentor Application Form.

Rules for being a mentor

Not just anyone can be a mentor. To qualify, one must:

  • have reached at least the second rank (Accepted, Dedicated, or Ji'alantin/dar). Please keep in mind, though, that mentors are primarily fully-raised members; Accepted, Dedicated, and Ji'alantin/dar will only be allowed to be mentors if they are able to show their activity in and familiarity with the Tower while at that rank.
  • be active. To be considered active, you must take part in roleplaying activities with others on a regular basis. This is includes posting on message boards, participating in major roleplays, and taking/teaching classes.
  • be easily accessible by e-mail and/or by some form of instant messenger.

Assignment of mentors to new members

All new members will get the offer to have a mentor, whether or not they are experienced with roleplaying. Mentors will be assigned by the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, or Master of Training depending on the character type of the new member. The prospective mentor will be e-mailed first with information about their new mentee to make sure the arrangement is fine; once the mentor has confirmed that the assignment will work, it is then the mentor's responsibility to e-mail the mentee. If the mentor declines, the MoN, MoS, or MoT is required to ask another mentor. The MoN, MoS, and MoT are also responsible for updating the mentor list. As much as possible, mentors will be assigned by both character type and by Ajah, for channelers. If there are not enough Gaidin mentors for the number of new Warders in Training, WiTs may be assigned to Greens.

The job of a mentor

When a mentor receives an e-mail about a potential mentee, he/she must reply to it as soon as possible agreeing to or declining to take on the mentee. Mentors are expected to accept unless any circumstances prevent them from doing their job efficiently, such as if they will be away for an amount of time that will interfere with helping a new member (more than a week). If agreed to, mentors are then responsible for e-mailing their mentees. Suggested information for this e-mail includes:

  • an introduction of the mentor, and an explanation of why he/she are e-mailing the new member.
  • a list of useful URLs, such as the Main Message Board, the Tower Life Board, and the Yards Board.
  • an offer to answer any questions the new member might have about starting out at the Tower.
  • an offer to roleplay with the new member. To be raised, Drin'far'ji must roleplay at least once with their mentor, or complete the Warder Basics class, which is usually taught by their mentor, and mentors should explain this.
  • a valid e-mail address which the mentee can use to contact the mentor at any time.

Mentors are expected to keep be available to answer their Mentee's questions in a timely manner. You may check up on your Mentee periodically if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new member, and I haven't yet been contacted by a mentor. How do I get one? If it has been less than a week since you joined the Tower, please just wait; your mentor should be contacting you soon. If, however, you have been a member for more than a week and still have not received an e-mail from a mentor, please contact the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, or Master of Training to ask for assistance.

I'm a mentor, and my mentee won't reply to my e-mails. What should I do? Continue sending your mentee e-mails about once a week for a few weeks, and if after that time your mentee still hasn't replied, please contact the Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, or Master of Training, and you will be reassigned as soon as you are needed again.