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Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow

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Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow
Gender: Female
Nationality: Saldaean
Rank: Captain-General of the Green Ajah
Bondmate(s): Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow
Spouse: Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow
Children: Six (6): Ryne Machera II, Chayla Jade Mahara-Nachiman, Sadira Rose Jolstraer, Tarvin Aaril Jolstraer, Tianna Raye Jolstraer, and Haeden Ives
Played by: Bella

Talents / Abilities:
Earth Singing TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Dreaming TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png

Weapon Skills:
Dagger Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Throwing Dagger Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif

Shadow Specialist
Weave Mastery (Battle Weaves)
Weave Mastery (Healing)

OP Strength: 9.0
Affinities: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, Water

Key Facts

  • It is known that she is one of the oldest living channelers in the Tower, has served as Captain-General on/off for decades, been Mistress of Novices and Amyrlin.
  • It is generally known, through rumor if not direct knowledge, that Miahala was once dead but somehow returned. No one knows how.
  • She has offspring and generations all through the Tower, from children down to great-great-granddaughter.
  • She is Saldaean. Very Saldaean. Everyone has to know this.


Height: Tall
Eye Colour: Blue-green
Hair Colour: Auburn with traces of grey

Miahala is on the tall side of average for a woman, and the word 'statuesque' is one that can be applied for many reasons, both for a full and strong figure born of heritage to a farming family and as a long time member of the Battle Ajah, but also for the almost ivory look her pale skin and face have taken on as the Aes Sedai agelessness sets in.

Her eyes are tilted strongly in the Saldaean heritage and are a blue-green shade. Her hair is auburn and beginning to show traces of grey and always kept long, to the small of her back, and always tied away from her face, which has a strong nose, high cheekbones and a full mouth as its most prominent features, once your gaze gets past the eyes, which are often the only clue anyone has to what she might be feeling behind the mask of ageless stoicism.


At the age of fifteen, Miahala Sha'hal ran away from her home in Saldaea. The reason for this was an altercation between her and her mother. The latter thought it improper of young women to dance in taverns with young men, or alone, or to be artists. Her mother had been from a farming and horse breeding/raising family, married and settled down to have six children, and expected no more than this for the lives of her sons and daughters. Mia, though, was different. She was born with a flair for both the things her mother abhorred and she sought them out. Eventually, she was caught and her mother's harsh punishment caused her to run away, with the help of her oldest brother, Dorant.

The two ran south and were traveling for days. Her brother, though, found that he wanted to settle down once they reached Baerlon. Mia kept going until she reached the Grey Tower and was tested. It was found that she could channel and she was added to the roster books as a Novice. It was a dramatic change in many ways. She had not the fear or loathing of Aes Sedai, but surely had not been around so many and never around men who could use the One Power! Work was just as hard, but she was able to draw and eventually go into the nearby town and dance.

Life progressed well. She was a quiet student, but studious and did well at her studies, without ever getting into as much trouble as her classmates. As an Accepted, at the age of seventeen, she met a young trainee named Ryne Machera and she fell in love, and he with her. They were Promised and engaged one year later. He was of the fallen land Malkier, and little did she know what loyalty that would hold over his life in years to come.

Before she took the Raising Test to become an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, as she had early on decided, an accident with the One Power caused the Tower to break. Many were lost, either to be found dead or never found at all. Mia survived and helped to rebuild it. Soon she was raised to Aes Sedai and made sitter soon after, for numbers were few. She was twenty years old at the time. Three years later, she would wed and bond Ryne, as he attained his Gaidin rank not long after she was raised to the shawl. Life continued to move along, and the Tower to be rebuilt. At the age of twenty-seven, she would give birth to a son, Ryne II. She would do it alone, for already Ryne's disappearances were lasting months, or over a year at a time, when he would return to Malkier and fight long dead battles.

When Ryne II, Rynny, was one year old, Miahala met an Asha'man named Darien. She fell in love with him. Although she was married, the loneliness and betrayal in her heart gave her little other choice than to fall for the gentle soul she found in the Blue Asha'man Darien Jolstraer. They bonded soon after. Four years later, she would give birth to a daughter, Sadira Rose Jolstraer. This year would also see her raised to the Head of the Green Ajah, which would be her greatest calling. Throughout these years, Ryne would return for weeks, disrupt her life and pass out of it again like wind or water. They tore her apart at first, and this faded in time.

One year after Sadira, Sadie, was born, two of Miahala's friends, Saraid Mahara-Nachiman Sedai and Kyelen Nachiman Asha'man, would die, leaving their young daughter, Chayla Jade. Miahala would adopt her and raise her for several years, as Sadie and Chayla were the same age. Chayla would eventually move on to her own paths. The sorrows did not stop, for one year after that news would come of Ryne's death, coupled with the breaking of the bond. Another of Mia's friends, Harmony Sedai, would die. Miahala was heartbroken, but life continued without pause. She was made Mistress of Novices and continued this and her duties as Green Ajah Head. She was thirty-four years old.

Over the years, she developed and bloomed as a Green Ajah member. She studied Battle Weaves frequently, utilizing them in many a mission abroad, from the time she was raised until this day. She has mastered all those to be known, secret or not, for she felt that if she were to lead the Channelers of the Battle Ajah, these were things she should know. She would develop the ability to lead, but did not feel comfortable in it. She always felt that her role was one of support. She mastered precision weaving. She was able to make bigger weaves if she had to, but they would never match in size or strength to that of other Channelers, yet she was no weakling in the Power... just specialized.

When she was thirty-six, Rynny chose to live with his uncle in Baerlon for some years. Miahala gave birth to twins, Tarvin Aaril and Tianna Raye. She nearly died in birthing the second, but stubborn and strong, she survived it. When Tianna was three, she would fall through a ter'angreal and cause her mother the most dreaded of fear and pain. She would return, safely, but aged fifteen years. The three-year-old was now eighteen. She had shown back up months before in Saldaea, already aged, and she fell in love. She would move back to Saldaea and wed Kel, the young farmer she'd fallen for. Tianna would continue the tradition of having a large family. She bred and raised horses, farmed, and loved her life.

Otherwise, things continued on. Miahala's eyes and ears network and her understanding of weaves and battle, as well as of the Shadow, grew. It was inevitable in her profession, but she sought it out. When she was forty-four, Rynny came back to the Tower and become a Drin'far'ji to follow in his father's footsteps. A year later, Mia's heart would be broken a second time with the death of Darien. Again, a husband and bond was broken a far distance away and there was nothing she could do. That same year, Sadie became a novice, choosing the blue, following her own father.

Life moved on. She would promise to two young trainees, but life would cut those short of bonding. She lost her best friend Joanna through a ter'angreal, only unlike Tianna, Jo did not return. At the age of forty-eight, she would feel a pull to the Borderlands and go into the Blight to see her husbands in the place where the spirit world meets our own. Before leaving, she resigned as Mistress of Novices. She fought hard battles in the Blight and earned herself scarring on her back that would force her to wear high necked dressed always. Her children's lives progressed as well, moving through the ranks or continuing growing families. Rynny and Sadie would eventually attain full rank and bond.

At the age of sixty-four, Miahala began moving into the phase of being an Aes Sedai when age ceases to matter, but she would still keep track of her life in terms of years, but also in terms of feelings and events. She fell in love again, bonding him as well. He was a Gaidin named Toseth Aseld. His youth and her experience proved well in the battles they faced against the Shadow, and they faced many. Though no one was her soul mate as Darien had been, or first love as Ryne, he made her happy and kept her safe, though she would not make it easy. She continued to grow and learn, her knowledge and powers increasing with time.

It would be another eleven years of chasing and fighting the Shadow, of loving and fighting, of life, before the edges of her hardening world would again be broken. After nearly dying in a battle with Shadowspawn, she bonded Caden Ives Gaidin - he had formerly been bonded to Mia's friend Leanna, but they had dissolved the bond. Caden and Mia both shared physical and emotional scars that allowed them a certain understanding, her having shared her story with him - twice into the Blight and twice scarred upon her back, one on the face to not be hidden - causing a bond of knowledge long before the one he gave her to save her life.

Although Toseth was not any more thrilled with this than Ryne had been on Darien so long ago, the two were able to function together and fight the Shadow together a while before Miahala's hardening inside led her away from them. She delved harder into her studies and missions to escape a hollowness in her heart that age was bringing. She was eighty-three when she resigned as Green Ajah Head. She had held the position for just over fifty years. Seven years later, the bonds to Caden and Toseth would be dissolved to allow them to go their separate ways. After thirty years of loyal service and love with Toseth, she felt she owed him the time to rest, and they had drifted apart. Caden returned to reclaim his family heritage.

However, the Green would call her back before long. Her experience and long worked upon knowledge would be called upon and at the age of ninety-three, she would again become Head (Captain-General) of the Green Ajah. She could not enumerate the missions she had been on and faced the Shadow, fought against impending darkness or helped the Light, in so many forms. It was a comfort to return to the position, where she thought that she could do the most good. She had spent years abroad on various missions for her quest, her Ajah and her Tower. Being Head did not stop her traveling, but gave her grounding and in this grounding, she began to fill in the hollow feeling and start to live again, even so much as occasionally sneaking to the Inn and acting less like a nearly century-old Aes Sedai.

Even after one hundred years of life, Mia would soon discover that she hadn't learned everything and could still be surprised.

While traveling near the Blight, Mia encountered a face from the past: Caden Ives. The man was surrounded by a group of brigands and Mia was glad to help. It would be the start, or perhaps the re-start, of her life. She'd had a mission, certainly, and all the things that kept her together and where she was, but starting that night she would again live. She and Caden bonded again, and then finally realized the feelings that had quietly begun those years ago and would become lovers. They would dare many things, after many moments of heartbreak for each, to be together. They would marry, and as if there wasn't anything left to be surprised, Mia would become pregnant. This would be her fifth child, and she was over a century in age.

Bearing this child to term would end up being a far greater test than expected when an old Black Ajah adversary kidnapped a gravid Miahala from the very halls of the Tower. She was tortured and pushed past the brink. It was Caden and Mia's close friend Saphire who would rescue her, but it would be weeks of near insanity before she could even start to recover from the mental wounds. Yet, she was strong and had the immense love of her husband and Warder to bind her to life. Her near death birthing Haeden Sha'hal Ives, her third son, would be the final fact to tip her back to health.

She is not quite the woman she used to be, but the new Mia is no lesser than the previous one. Mia still faces her issues, but she realizes what miracles she has in her grasp, in Caden and in Haeden. Her fight against the Shadow is stronger than ever and even more that she is not facing it alone and has even more reasons to fight the good fight.

Career History

Joined as a Novice on 0000/00/00 Raised to Accepted on 0000/00/00 Raised to Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah on 1999/11/01 Appointed to Mistress of Novices on 2008/05/04 Appointed to Captain-General of the Green Ajah on 2010/03/23 Elected as the Amyrlin on 2015/08/31 Elected as the Amyrlin on 2015/08/31 Appointed to Captain-General of the Green Ajah on 2016/10/15

Archived Work

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  1. Miahala's Three Arches
Aes Sedai
  1. Fare Thee Well
  2. Return

Family Tree

Dorant Sha'hal
Four other siblings
Ryne Machera
Miahala Sha'hal
Darien Jolstraer
Caden Ives
Ryne "Rynny" Machera II
Chayla Jade Mahara-Nachiman (§)
Sadira "Sadie" Rose Jolstraer
Tarvin Aaril Jolstraer
Tianna Raye Jolstraer
Unnamed husband
Haeden Ives
Kerren Jolstraer
Derren Jolstraer
Darie Ferria
Solodia Dotin
Hala Ferria
Unnamed twins
Unnamed siblings
Gareth Tomosan
Riahana Ferria
Tia Tomosan
Einion Tomosan

§ - Adopted

Bella's Characters and Awards
Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow, Captain-General of the Green Ajah
Gareth Tomosan, Asha'man (Oathsworn) of the Yellow Ajah
Natlya Cade, Gaidin
Andraste Alhandra, Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah
Lysira Viathene, Gaidin
Isla Arkema, Novice
Haeden Ives, Gaidin
Darrik al'Kall, Gaidin ()
Leisha Lukonia, Gaidin ()
Dai Marjan, Soldier (Retired)

Anaris Kane (PSC), Asha'man of the Green Ajah
Brynmor Brook (PSC), Gaidin
Derren Jolstraer (PSC), Asha'man (Oathsworn) of the Grey Ajah
Nykkolaia Zeran (PSC), Aes Sedai (Oathsworn) of the Blue Ajah
Sadira Rose Jolstraer (PSC), Aes Sedai (Oathsworn) of the Blue Ajah
Seira (PSC), Ji'val
Thea Allajeh (PSC), Aes Sedai (Oathsworn) of the Yellow Ajah
Benar Viathene (PSC), Gaidin ()
Jhered Khalor (PSC), Gaidin (†)
Ryne Machera II (PSC), Gaidin ()
Scerai Allon (PSC), Gaidin ()
Selenirra Viathene (PSC), Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah ()
2016-08-17: Awarded for participation in the Winds of Chaos MRP. The Golden Broomx1 2016-10-11: Awarded for participation in The Children MRP. Best Character Developmentx1 Best Plot Developmentx2 Best (New) Biographyx1 Tower's Choice Awardx2 I Ship It! Ribbonx1 The Blade, Fang and Flame's Commendationx1 Community Ribbonx1 2017-Mar-15: Awarded for participation in the Legacy of Darkness MRP. The Golden Wheelx1 Best Dynamic Duo / Couplex1 Friendship Ribbonx3 Most Tear-Jerking Threadx1 The Mark of Friendshipx1 Best Non-Channeling Combatx1 Best Star Crossed Loversx1 2017-Aug-07: Awarded for participation in the Mundus Vult Decipi MRP. The Silver Towerx1
Legacy Awards
2007-11-11 Awarded for participation in the Ripples of the Shadow Major RP 2007-11-11 Awarded for participation in the Seanchan Siege Major RP 2007-11-11 Awarded for participation in the Sunday Celebrations Big RP 2007-11-11 In memory of Leisha Lukonia Gaidar, may she be reborn gloriously in the Light, as brightly as she deserved. When the sortie of the Seanchan Siege rode home, Saphire Sedai was approaching death under the Red Plague and the party was blocked by the invaders. She was dismounted when they broke through the Seanchan ranks. With a Warder's singular purpose, Leisha Gaidar sacrificed her life to save her Aes Sedai's. She valiantly slew a field of Seanchan before falling under their onslaught, thus buying time for Firredal Gaidin to shepherd their Aes Sedai home. It was for the epic conclusion of Leisha's story that this ribbon was proposed 2008-10-26 Awarded for participation in the Sevenfold Conflict Major RP 2008-10-26 for helping the host of the SFC 2009-03-20 Awarded for participation in the Justice Masque Big RP 2009-03-20 Awarded for consistent activity during the Justice Masque Big RP
2016-05-10 For the exemplary writing and story crafting present in the "A Matter of Urgency" thread. 2007-11-11 Miahala's service is superior not only as Captain-General, leading the Tower in epic strife, yet also in the Hall of Sitters. She has for many years held a seat in the Hall of Sitters, lending her steady voice and wise counsel to inform and guide the laws, and trials, and proclamations issued within those walls, in the heart of the Tower. She is a cornerstone of the New Tower. 2008-08-02 Though with child and fearing for their lives together, she did not succumb under torture of the Black Ajah and preserved the virtue of the Tower. 2008-08-02 In recognition of her extended and exemplary participation in the Ripples of Shadow and the Seanchan Siege; the former for her efforts in the Battle of the Clawstone and paired with the adventures her passed away Secondary Character lived through (Leisha Lukonia Gaidar) for similar reasons in other battles. Her participation on most every MRP is a staple; and is hereby recognized for her constant contribution to MRP plots. 2008-12-14 When the Sevenfold Conflict was drawing to a close, Miahala stepped up and helped riddle out any loose ends with both PC, SC and NPCs. Throughout the plot, she took the ideas of the host one step further in order to achieve an even better story. This - among many other efforts - through the turmoil of facing and slaying the White Cloak strategist Maleljien Ives, the injuries in facing Riven Trimak, the aid in slaying the Black Ajah Sedai, and the development between her SC and Jip Ji'alantin (now Gaidin). Awarded 2009-02-14 for winning the Romance Themed Keeper's Pick Competition. 2009-04-12 For the first time, we decided to give the Ajah Torch for promotion of an Ajah that is not one's own. This is a testament to Miahala's generosity. The Grey Ajah had withered and languished until Miahala Sha'hal Ives teamed with Maria Norakovni to remake the Grey Ajah Hall. Miahala generously dedicated many hours working on revamping the Grey Ajah, its coding and banners, and spent hours helping Maria organize the text, links, and images. With her partnership, and coordination with Administration, the Grey Ajah rose again. 2009-12-28 For the creation of an enthralling and nail-biting sub-plot that spanned betrayal, captivity, trust, desire and the rest which had us all upon the edges of our seats. Such a story is rare indeed, and was written and thought out superbly both before and across one of the pivotal MRPs our community has lived through. 2015-12-10 Most of the admin team know what Bella and her family have been through in the recent past. Despite the stress that landed on top of her, Bella managed to stay current in several RP's, including the Warder Yards RP being run by Bree. Not only has she stayed active with these on-going threads, but the quality of her posts has remained exemplary and add depth to the RPs. I know how hard it can be to stay on top of things when RL seems to constantly throw lemons at you, but Bella caught every single one and made lemonade. 2016-01-20 This was a one-time award, given to all active members as of January 2016, granted personally by the Amyrlin Seat at that time--Bella, writing for Miahala Sedai--for simply being a part of the Grey Tower, which she has long considered her refuge. This was granted to show her appreciation. 2016-05-10 This award is granted to the active admin team in April of 2016, in recognition for the superhuman effort they put forth in keeping the site running smoothly through an unexpected onslaught of new members, a shortage in staff, and a slew of real life catastrophes / stress on all their parts.
For being the fourth generation of a player-controlled lineage or the direct ancestor of such a character. For playing a character who was a member of the Tower GT2 or Prior. For playing a character who was a member of the Old Tower pre-Breaking.