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Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow

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Active Character Gaidin Rank Six
Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow
Ra-VACK t-SHA-hahl DAH-row
Gender: Male
Nationality: Shienaran (Fal Dara)
Rank: Master of Arms
Bondmate(s): Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow
Elia Darrow (former)
Kaia Ariasca (former)
Spouse: Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow
Children: Two (2): Zarayne and Kaira Darrow
Played by: Craig

Talents / Abilities:
Sniffing TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png

Weapon Skills:
Sword BMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gif
Unarmed Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Quarterstaff Greenbullet.gif
Throwing Dagger Greenbullet.gif

Dual Wielding

OP Strength:

Key Facts

  • Looks Andoran, although his accent is clearly Shienaran.
  • Twin brother to Elia Darrow. Although the siblings look nothing alike, everyone knows they are related.
  • Has a golden dragon tattoo running up his right forearm.
  • Fathered a daughter with the late Mirin Ronaile, a convicted Darkfriend who murdered fifty-one novices and soldiers.
  • Is a Sniffer, although only a couple of people are aware of this fact.


Height: 5' 10"
Eye Colour: Grey-Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Distinguishing Features: He bears a Gaidin's granite-like expression, although his expression is further tinged with a grumpy disposition. His right, ring finger is short one knuckle. A large, ragged scar runs across both of his shoulderblades. He has a sinuous golden-maned dragon tattooed on his right forearm.

With his frowning countenance and downturned lips, Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow is the sort of man you'd be fearful of if you encountered him at night in the dark streets of a city. Tall and muscular, he has the form of a hardened warrior, gained from years of practice in the Warder Yards. Born and raised in Shienar, Ravak moves with the distressingly casual gait of a Warder. His appearance is that of a southlander, with his shaggy mess of short reddish hair, a full beard, and a light skin tone. His face is neither handsome nor disagreeable, although he has a body that makes others envious. His cheeks have the reddish glow that is common with growing up in a cold environment.

Ravak can often be found scratching at his beard or playing with one of the throwing daggers he has concealed amongst his person. He occasionally also turns the slender golden band on his ring hand, on a finger one knuckle too short. It is clear from the scar tissue that the finger was sliced off by a blade within the last few years, but prior to his time in the Yards. His steely blue gaze is hard and penetrating, and his voice sounds like steel being run over gravel when he's in a foul temperament.

Rav, as he prefers to be called, has quite a warm personality, but he conceals it with layers of duty and honour. As the Master of Training, he puts on a front that lacks any real warmth, in order to serve his desire to forge the best Gaidin possible. In private, he enjoys the company of others or the companionship of a good book. These are Ravak's true pleasure, and he can often be found in a comfy chair before a fireplace, nose in a book.


Kaira squirmed about on her father's lap, trying to find a comfortable position in which to sit. She was dressed for bed, her toy sword clutched to her chest. That seemed less incongruous a sight than the first time her aunt had presented her with the ter'angreal. Finally settled, she tugged on her father's beard. "Tell me a story, Daddy!"

"Oi! Leave Daddy's beard alone. It's attached to his face." His tone dramatically softened. "Right, I guess you want a story then, mm?" The broad grin and vigorous nodding from Kaira were unnecessary. "Ok then, story time...

- - -

Once upon a time, there was a boy from Fal Dara. He used to play with his friends in the streets, swinging wooden swords at one another, pretending to be brave warriors and scary creatures. That's all the boy wanted to be when he grew up, a brave warrior.

Well, one day he was a young man, and like all young men in Shienar, he started to train to be a real soldier. He would practice every day with the great swords that Shienaran soldiers used, but he was never any good.

"Why was he no good? Was he a rubbish soldier?"

Well, yes, somewhat. You see, everyone is different, and the way they taught things didn't help the young man. He wasn't learning fast enough, and he was scared. Scared of not being any good. Scared of getting hurt. So he made a very hard decision. He decided that he needed to go somewhere where he could learn how to fight.

He travelled south, first to Tar Valon, and then west towards the Grey Tower. It was here where he started to learn how to fight. At the same time, he met an Accepted by the name of Aikaterine. Aikaterine and the young man, they became good friends.

"And lived happily ever after?"

Ha, no no. No. Aikaterine ended up meeting someone else. That made the young man a bit sad, but then he met another friend called Sinead. She was Aiel, and she was also an Accepted. One night, Sinead was visited in her dreams by a Wise One, who said she had to go back to the Wastes. So Sinead and the young man went to the Wastes, so Sinead could study.

Now, the Aiel are a funny lot. When Sinead had to do a big test, the young man followed her into... well, anyways, the man did something the Aiel didn't like. So he got sent back to the Tower, but Sinead remained.

"What did he do that the Aiel didn't like?"

Well, do you see Daddy's tattoo? It had something to do with that. Now, settle down, who's telling this story, eh? Right, so, Daddy- er, the young man came back to the Tower. Wait, I forgot something. So, before Daddy left, I mean, before the young man left the Tower, he was bonded to a woman called Kaia. Well, when he came back, she was upset at him for being away for so long, so she broke their bond. Shortly after that, these bad people came to attack the Tower. They were called the Seanchan, and they did a lot of bad things. One of the bad things they did was hurt Kaia, and that made the man very angry indeed.

Anyways, it was sometime after that when the man made the best decision of his life, although it seemed for a long time like the biggest mistake. He met a woman called Mirin, and they spent one wonderful night together, but in the morning, the spell was over. Mirin wanted nothing more to do with the man and vice versa. But then things took their own course, and Mirin became pregnant with a baby girl. A beautiful little girl. Apparently a very sleepy girl.

- - -

Ravak stood up carefully, holding his daughter's sleeping form in his arms. She was still hugging her sword. Using all of his training, he moved silently from his chair and slipped into Kaira's bedroom.

"Just before a special someone was born, a very bad thing happened to all of the novices and soldiers. And I'm sorry to say, my dear, but that was Mummy's doing." Rav set Kaira down on top of her bed, then proceeded to hap blankets over her. "But that is definitely a story for another time..."

Career History

Joined as a Drin on 2015/11/15 Raised to Ji'val on 2016/01/07 Raised to Gaidin on 2016/02/02 Appointed to Master/Mistress of Training on 2016/01/25 Appointed to Gaidin Captain on 2016/09/04 Became a Blademaster of the Sword on 2017-Apr-11 Elected as the Master/Mistress of Arms on 2017-May-01

Archived Work

  1. Ravak Darrow's Old Biography
  2. Philosophies of the Mind
  3. Juniper and Rosemary
  4. Ravak's Survival Test
  1. A New Sword
  2. Ravak Darrow's Fancloak Test
  1. A New Pack
  2. Leavetakings, Pt. I
  3. Leavetakings, Pt. II
  4. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
  5. Something More
  6. Where Flowers Grow
  7. Duty is Heavier Than a Mountain
  8. In the Pale Moonlight
  9. We Are Never Doing This Again

Family Tree

Taskill Darrow
Mitsuko Masaki
Ketash Masaki (†)
Dakson Torellion
Elia Darrow
Ravak Darrow
Mirin Ronaile (†)
Tomas Darrow
Corinthea Darrow
Kaira Darrow

† - Deceased

Craig's Characters and Awards
Ravak t'Sha'hal Darrow, Master of Arms
Elia Darrow, First Seeker (Oathsworn) of the Indigo Ajah
Zarayne, Accepted
Farah Kattan, Drin
Bedwyr, Westlander (Ogier)
Ilarin Pacheneos, Soldier
Sabine ni Hayadan t'Masin, Novice ()

Varistan Uki (PSC), Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah ()
Best Character Developmentx2 Best Plot Developmentx1 Most Captivating Threadx1 Most Tear-Jerking Threadx2 Best Dynamic Duo / Couplex2 Best Star Crossed Loversx2 Best Villainx3 Not Friendship Ribbonx3 I Ship It! Ribbonx3 Purple Heartx1 Alviarin Ribbon for Deceitx1 2016-09-23: For Ravak Darrow. Builder's Ribbonx1 The Builder's Hammerx1 The Golden Wheelx2 2016-08-17: Awarded for participation in the Winds of Chaos MRP. 2016-10-11: Awarded for participation in The Children MRP. 2017-Mar-15: Awarded for participation in the Legacy of Darkness MRP. 2017-Aug-07: Awarded for participation in the Mundus Vult Decipi MRP. The Bronze Towerx2
Legacy Awards
2016-05-10 The admin of the Tower has been in a state of constant change for a while now, but whenever there have been holes, Jenny and Craig have jumped in to help out, while still remaining an active presence in admin, in the Hall, and in RP. 2016-05-10 Elia Darrow: For the Creating Ter'angreal class written while she was Accepted, as well as the extremely interesting ter'angreal she has created and the work she has done to sort and catalog the Vaults of the Tower.
2016-01-20 This was a one-time award, given to all active members as of January 2016, granted personally by the Amyrlin Seat at that time--Bella, writing for Miahala Sedai--for simply being a part of the Grey Tower, which she has long considered her refuge. This was granted to show her appreciation. 2016-05-10 This award is granted to the active admin team in April of 2016, in recognition for the superhuman effort they put forth in keeping the site running smoothly through an unexpected onslaught of new members, a shortage in staff, and a slew of real life catastrophes / stress on all their parts.