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Taesh Durlaen

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Taesh Durlaen
Gender: Male
Nationality: Atha'an Miere
Rank: Head Clerk of the Grey Ajah
Bondmate(s): Unbonded
Spouse: None
Children: None
Played by: Kenneth

Talents / Abilities:
Plantweaving TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Travelling TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Cloud Dancing TalentPip.png
Scrying TalentPip.png

Weapon Skills:

Master Diplomat

OP Strength: 8.0
Affinities: Air, Water, Earth, Spirit, Fire


Height: 5' 8"
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black

Taesh is of average height and weight, if just a touch on the skinny side, though his appetite does not suffer. His skin is a smooth dark brown color, his eyes and even darker brown, often mistaken as black. Taesh has a softer face, and if not for the short and trimmed goatee on his chin it has been mistaken for a woman's face from a distance. The higher cheekbones and long lashes do not help to dispel the slightly feminine look of his face, but Taesh has no issue with his looks, as they have brought the attention of men and women. His body is a little on the skinny side, though muscled from ship-keeping activities. The hair on his head and the little on his face is black, and like the goatee is kept close, just a slight covering to keep the sun off of his scalp. On his right hand he has the normal six-pointed star tattoo of all Seafolk men, and on his right hand he has a grinning dolphin surrounded by a wreathe of seaweed and stars.

Taesh earned part of his personal tattoo because of his humorous nature. Nothing is greater to him that the feeling of laughter and joy, and the feeling is all the much better when it is shared with others. From a young age Taesh has loved to laugh and love to make others laugh. Not by making a fool of himself, but by finding the hilarity in any situation. He has always been able to laugh at himself and is able to make others able to do the same. Anytime there is tension on deck, Taesh is there to ease emotions and smooth things over. He is very open, and those he meets are either immediate friend or foe. Though his foes are few and far between, his gift of humor and wordplay can quickly be turned to a weapon against those who have raised his ire. Angering the young Atha'an Miere is very hard though, direct attacks against him are easily brushed off, but he has a strong sense of loyalty and negativity directed at those who considers close is what tips the scale. He loves the sea, like all of his people, especially the feel of the wind on his skin, though he has found that allowing the wind to touch every part of your skin is not deemed appropriate on land, though that doesn't stop him from risking the occasional midnight skyclad stroll. Taesh also loves green and flowering things, another allure of the land for him.


Taesh was born, as most Atha'an Miere on the sea, but his life was not totally spent of the waves. Taesh was born to a Sailmistress and Cargomaster of the Rossaine clan and was expected to follow in his father's place. As such his father often took him on land, to give his son experience on making Bargains and interacting with the land locked people. Taesh became fascinated with the different people he was interacting with, so much so that he would often find himself longing for the next docking of the ship while on the sea, much to the chagrin of his parents. Even more aggravating to them was this need for humor, that sometime toed the very strict hierarchy of the ship and the people. Taesh often found himself punished to extra manual labor of the ship, though there was always someone willing to share the load, as a kind of payment for the laughter or diffusion of a intense situation.

Although his flirting with being out of order angered his parents, they never stopped him from continuing to learn to be a potential Cargomaster. Despite their disappointment in his attitude, they could not deny the fact that his negotiating skills were excellent. His bright disposition, soft face, and infectious laughter gave him advantage when Bargaining, and often his presence tipped the scale when his parents were Bargaining with a tough client. When Taesh was fifteen his parents met an Asha'man at the docks, one who wanted passage for a friend and a secret cargo. The negotiations were difficult, even with their laughter inducing son's presence. As the wax of the candles dwindled down marking the steady march of the hours, neither side seemed to give. Sensing the need to dispense the pressure Taesh asked the Power wielding man about some of his travels, attempting to distract him while giving his parents a chance to recoup. Apparently the subject of his travels and what he found was the key to really getting the Asha'man to open up, if Taesh or his parents knew the significance of the brown chord adorning his shoulder's the may have approached the negotiations another way. As it were, the Asha'man began to tell of different places, places that Taesh had only heard about or seen the coasts' of. The Asha'man studied different flora and fauna, and Taesh frowned when he heard names that were unfamiliar. To assist the Seafolk son to get a better understanding that Asha'man began to weave Illusions in the air, floating pictures of the animals and plants he had studied and cataloged in his journeys. Taesh and his parents were wowed by this display of Power, so much so the Asha'man added complexity to the weaves, causing a seed to grow into a might oak in front of their eyes. Taesh never took his eyes off the illusions, until they abruptly ended after a few minutes. He looked up to find the Asha'man giving him a most intense look before excusing himself and promising to return the next day.

The next day his parents and the One Power weaving gentlemen met for another round of negotiations, but before they began the Asha'man showed Taesh feat of Power, this one just a tiny flame hovering in the air. He told Taesh to concentrate on the flame, and Taesh did that. Though the flame was no tree growing from a seed in moments, it was still intriguing and it danced in the air, steady. So intent was he on the flame that he neither heard nor felt his parents come to stand behind him, and did not hear the first two times the called his name. A nudge from his mother brought him out of the reverie, and a push from his father, who was glaring at the Asha'man, that took him out the door. The teenage Atha'an Miere had no idea what was going on, or why he had been abruptly removed from the negotiations, not until an hour or so later when all three adults emerged.

Taesh's mother was smiling, but it was a sad smile, his father look somewhere between defeated and raging, and the Asha'man looked triumphant. He was told then that he had a spark, the ability to wield the One Power. To learn his parents had made a Bargain, and all he could know at that time was that he would go to the Grey Tower with the Asha'man. His parents expected rebellion, anger, fear; but were shocked at the excitement and eagerness that quickly consumed his face after the surprise wore off. The opportunity to meet new people, beyond the ones at the docks, and to learn something other than ship and sea-lore were lures that Taesh had to follow. And so the Seafolk son with the potential to channel went with the Asha'man to his Grey Tower, trading deck for land and all that he knew for the potential to be greater.

Career History

Joined as a Soldier on 2016/04/11 Raised to Dedicated on 2016/05/06 Raised to Asha'man on 2016/09/04 Raised to Asha'man of the Grey Ajah on 2016/09/04 Appointed to Head Clerk of the Grey Ajah on 2016/09/11

Archived Work

  1. How Does A Garden Grown
  2. A Lesson in Weeding
  3. Changing Tides
  1. Enhanced Gardening
  2. The Truth In The Mirror
  3. First Steps to Birthright
  4. The Sea No More
Kenneth's Characters and Awards
Taesh Durlaen, Head Clerk of the Grey Ajah
Avairyana Borelle, Novice
2016-08-17: Awarded for participation in the Winds of Chaos MRP. 2016/09/23: For Taesh Durlean Friendship Ribbonx1 The Silver Towerx2 The Mark of Friendshipx1 Most Creative Use of the One Powerx3 2016-10-11: Awarded for participation in The Children MRP. 2017-Mar-15: Awarded for participation in the Legacy of Darkness MRP. Best (New) Biographyx1 Not Friendship Ribbonx1
Legacy Awards
2016-05-10 Taesh has only been here a short while but he has already distinguished himself as a extraordinarily interesting young man with solid interests, a fascinating Talent, a sunny demeanor, and thoughtful presence in classes. He is quiet and rarely calls attention to himself but has faced his challenges with maturity, completed his punishments without complaint, and been a wonderful and descriptive partner to write with.