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Talents and Abilities

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Talents and Abilities Overview - Talents and Abilities Descriptions
Apply for a Talent or Ability

What is a Talent? What is an Ability?

Any channeler is capable of being taught any weave and even achieving a decent measure of success in using it, but there are certain skills born into certain channelers that are truly Talents. They are inborn gifts that will make that channeler more proficient at that weave than others who have just learned it. They know it intrinsically but can learn to hone it and refine it, study it and understand it better, over time.

The first point in any Talent is the discovery of the raw ability, with subsequent points describing to what level they have honed it and strength they are capable of using it at.

An Ability is an unusual skill that a character has that other characters generally do not, and are not channeller specific. Examples of Abilities include Dreamwalking and Wolfkin.

Earning Points in a Talent or Ability

The first point has to be the "discovery" of the Talent or Ability, and meet the minimum word count requirements as laid out below. (Your biography can be used for your discovery point, but it must be shown clearly enough for the Triumvirate to grant the point.)

1. Earning Further Points

You can continue to gain points in your Talent or Ability via several ways. Each item can be used for any point, but it must meet the word count requirements and show the relevant level of refinement/study.

  1. A "regular" thread
  2. Participating in an MRP
  3. Taking a class or personal tutoring from someone more advanced in their use of the Talent/Ability.
  4. Writing a class of your own to teach the weave to others, such as those without the Talent
  5. Take over an existing class and pass at least two students
  6. Personal tutoring of another character.
  7. Fanfic

Some additional factors to consider:

  1. These are minimum word count requirements. You may be asked to write more at administrator discretion if they feel it is necessary. Reasons for this could be not enough of the word count being devoted to the use of the Talent/Ability, or the level of refinement/study not enough to meet that point's requirement.
  2. Each word count is per point, so two points would be 600 + 800, rather than 600 and an additional 200 to reach 800.
  3. Typically, a single completed item will result in a single Talent/Ability point. More may be granted in exceptional cases. Discuss with the Triumvirate as applicable.
  4. Talent/Ability points are permanent, and are meant to be "special". Think carefully if yo really want a Talent, or might instead want that weave as a Mastery, or to just know the weave.

2. Submit the Talent & Ability Request Form.

The Triumvirate will consider your request and make a decision based on what you submitted. Their decision is final.

Strength in Talents

For the purposes of character development and comparison with other characters, your strength / knowledge of a Talent/Ability is represented by a scale from 1 to 5. Each point on this scale must be earned (see above).

Note: Because most of the Talents/Abilities are channelling-based Talents, the following scale has been written for channellers for ease of writing and reading.

Pips Minimum Word Count Description
TalentPip.png 600 You can form the weave, but have no particular skill or special knowledge about it. Depending on the Talent, continued use of it could result in abject exhaustion and even physical damage. Unsupervised experimentation would be disastrous.

Example: Egwene's ability at Healing; Moghedien's ability at Cloud Dancing; Sorilea’s ability at Travelling

TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png 800 You have sought minimal training in this Talent. You can use the Talent more consistently, but lack any kind of finesse or ability to modify the flows from the original form. Weaving the flows for long periods would be extremely tiring.

Example: Elayne's ability at Healing; Verin's ability at Compulsion

TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png 1100 You have observed several different people use this Talent or have personally used it several times, and have done some theoretical research. You can form the weaves consistently and may even be able to modify them with some effort. Alterations and/or weaving the flows for a long time would be very tiring.

Example: Verin's ability at Healing; Moiraine's ability at Earth Singing

TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png 1500 You have engaged in a great deal of personal research and practice and a little experimentation with this Talent. You can form the weaves consistently and quickly, and make larger modifications. Weaving the flows for long periods would be a little tiring.

Example: Nynaeve's ability to Enter Tel'aran'rhiod; Moghedien's use of Compulsion; Elayne's ability at Cloud Dancing

TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png 2000 You can form and modify the weaves at will, and are likely to be viewed as an expert on this Talent.

Example: Nynaeve's ability to Heal

Pip Limits By Rank

While still a learning rank, there are set limits on how many Talent/Ability points your character may have. Once you reach full rank, there is no cap but since Talents are meant to be “special,” the Triumvirate will be wary of granting too many to any one character without exceptionally good cause.

Rank Overall Limit Example
Novice / Soldier / Drin 4
Healing TalentPip.png
Cloud Dancing TalentPip.png
Illusion TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Accepted / Dedicated / Ji'val 8
Healing TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Cloud Dancing TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Illusion TalentPip.pngTalentPip.pngTalentPip.png

If you earn more pips than you currently qualify for (say, you are a novice and already have a pip each in Healing, Illusion, and Wards, and then earn two pips in Cloud Dancing), the extra pip will be put on hold until you are raised and qualify again. You may need to email admin to remind them.