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Talents and Abilities Descriptions

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Talents and Abilities Overview - Talents and Abilities Descriptions
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Ability Prerequisites Other Notes
Aligning the Matrix
The ability to make metals stronger.
Cloud Dancing
The ability to control and change the weather.
The ability to influence another person's mind and actions, ranging from a subtle nudge to total subjugation of the victim’s autonomy.
Non-Black Ajah characters are unlikely to be granted more than 2 points in this Talent.
Creating Ter'angreal
The ability to create ter’angreal.
Earth Singing
Ability to control and manipulate the earth, such as forming dynamic shapes from boulders or causing earthquakes.
The ability to heal injuries and ailments of the body and mind.
The ability to change what people see or hear.
This term covers many weaves- Mask of Mirrors, Mirror of Mists, invisibility, etc.
Making Cuendillar
The ability to turn objects to Heartstone
Aids the growth and health of plants.
Reading Residues
The ability to read and interpret the residue of old weaves. The greater the Talent, the longer the time span, and the greater the ability to duplicate even completely unknown weaves.
Anyone can sense and interpret the residue of a weave they already know for a very short time after it was created.
The ability to cause internal injuries to the body and mind. Closely related to Healing.
Must have points in Healing in order to have points in Rending. Non-Black Ajah characters are unlikely to be granted more than 2 points in this Talent.
The ability to view a distant location through a reflected surface.
Glass mirrors are ideal but any reflected surface will work, though the image will be distorted. The channeler must have a degree of familiarity in order to Scry a location. The larger the location the more power required to Scry and the more difficult to maintain the image. Completely open locations are impossible for all but the most adept Scryers. Weaves cannot be tied off and images last only as long as the channeller holds them. Scrying is detectable by anyone in the area that is being Scryed - for non-channelers it is a slight feeling of being watched, for channelers it is the sense of the Power being used.
Stretching Shields
The ability to create shields that stretch indefinitely rather than break, no matter how strong the channeler being contained.
Ter'angreal Affinity
The ability to identify ter'angreal, angreal, and sa'angreal, and to sense what a ter'angreal does and/or how to activate it
Must be a channeler.
The ability to open a gateway from one location to another. Includes the ability to Skim.
If you do not have Talent in Traveling, this is what you can do depending on your channeling strength:
1.5 = can create weave but it won’t open.
3 = Can open a one-person Gateway, but it’s exhausting
5 = Can open a normal Gateway / Skim
6+ = Can open larger Gateways, Skim with multiple people, create multiple smaller Gateways, and maintain or tie off Gateways.
The ability to create protective shields with specific purposes.
A "Ward" is a weave that wraps around a given area that do a particular thing when "triggered." They are usually used to protect a thing within the area- to keep out Shadowspawn, for instance, or to keep outsiders from hearing what is said.


Please remember that these Abilities, like Talents, are meant to be uncommon at best. It is unlikely for one character to be granted more than one, with the exception of Dreaming/Dreamwalking which is a more common pairing.

Ability Requirements Notes
The ability to have prophetic dreams.
The ability to enter and manipulate the World of Dreams
Remember to decide whether your character can enter naturally, or needs to use a ter'angreal.
Dark One's Own Luck
Incredible, but unpredictable luck: even without being ta'veren.
This is extremely rare.
The ability to speak cryptic prophecies.
Must be a channeler.
Listening to the Wind
The passive ability to sense upcoming events and weather patterns
Must be able to channel
Pattern Reading
The ability to see auras and symbols around other people which indicate their futures if interpreted correctly.
Must be pre-approved This is extremely rare
The ability to smell violence or the residue of violence, and track down those who have caused it by scent.
The ability to speak to wolves, access the Wolf Dream, and have prophetic dreams.
Cannot be a channeler This cannot be learned. Lack of training can result in insanity. A page with more information will be developed, stay tuned.