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The Black Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black
The Supreme Council of the Black Ajah
The Head of the Black Ajah Supreme Councillors
Head chair black.png Sitter chair black.png Sitter chair black.png
Elia Darrow of the Indigo Ajah
Played by Craig
An Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah
An Asha'man of the Green Ajah

Members of the Black Ajah
Sitter chair black.png
Roster of the Black Ajah (5)

Important Links

  1. Black OOC Forum
  2. Black Ajah Traditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone choose to be a member of the Black Ajah?

People seek to join the Black Ajah for many reasons. Alviarin Freidhen, a famous member of the Black Ajah, was known to have sought the power and glory of rising in the ranks of the Black. The known advantage of having the vaunted Three Oaths removed upon swearing oneself into the Black Ajah allows one the freedom to seek revenge through any means. Use of the One Power to take the lives of or inflict torture upon one's enemies is a distinctly attractive motivator. Verin Mathwin, another famous member of the Black Ajah, used her position in the Black Ajah to gain the unfettered truth. A seeker of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, Verin was forced to the Shadow from the Brown Ajah. It is believed that the Chosen, Mesaana, came to the Shadow in the Age of Legends due in part to the opportunity for more interesting research opportunities afforded in service to the Great Lord of the Dark. She was rewarded in her efforts with great power and prestige before the Chosen were imprisoned.

What is the Black Ajah all about?

The Black Ajah is devoted to the service of the Great Lord of the Dark. By recruiting others into following their desires for their own personal goals, the hand of the Shadow gains power and influence over the world of men.

At any given time, because the membership of the Black Ajah is made up of individuals out for their own gain, the overall goal of the Ajah as a whole depends on who might be in leadership, or in favor. The current events of the Black Ajah can be found in the Ajah Forums.

What bribes and treats might one expect to find in the Black Ajah?

Many delicious things and creature comforts come in the color Black. Black licorice, dark chocolate and black coffee come to mind. Midnight on a new moon, the depths of a cave and blissful unconsciousness are all places one might find true black. But as any artist might tell you, when you find a place in which all colors might be absorbed, that is the place where true black exists.