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The Blue Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black
Sitters of the Blue Ajah
The First Selector Sitters
Head chair blue.png Sitter chair blue.png Sitter chair blue.png
Duran Elliatar (NPC)

Members of the Blue Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl blue.png Cord blue.png
Roster of the Blue Ajah (17)

Important Links

  1. Blue OOC Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

So what's the Blue Ajah all about?
The Blue Ajah is dedicated to causes of justice and righteousness. Other sisters often see the Blues as so ready to save the world that they lose themselves. Blues may fight for many smaller causes throughout their lifetimes, but almost all of them dedicate their lives to one worthy cause.
What do Blues like to do?
Blues like pronouncing judgment, delivering justice, and traveling. The Blue Ajah is one of the smallest and most close-knit Ajahs.
What do Blues spend their time doing?
Blues spend a lot of time out of the Tower. They are called to all different countries to oversee trials or pass judgment on all different kinds of situations. In their time out of the Tower, they meet many friends and acquaintances - these people make up the eyes-and-ears of the Blue Ajah.
When in the Tower, they spend a lot of the time in the Hall of Justice. They are also known as the most capable Tower administrators and many fill positions of leadership.
What kind of things are Blue?
Blue jeans, blueberries, Dory (natural blue), the sky, the Cookie Monster, and Grover.
I have questions/wish to apply to the ajah/want to plot some Blue shenanigans. Who do I talk to?
Any fully raised member of the Blue Ajah would be happy to help you with questions, but to petition to join the Blue Ajah you should post in the OOC Blue Ajah Forums.

Secret Weaves

Weave Type Elements Difficulty Description/Notes
Attracting Animals WARDING Air, Earth, and Spirit Moderate This ability allows the channeller to control small animals to a limited extent. The list of animals includes: biting insects, rodents, pigeons, and songbirds. The weave can be used to summon the animals, soothe them, or make them aggressive. Please note that large animals such horses, wolves, or falcons are too intelligent to be manipulated by this weave.
Blue Flare of Distress ELEMENTALISM Air and Fire Easy This weave sends a blue sparkler up into the air. A slightly modified version of this weave can also produce a small blue flame. Both versions of the weave are used to signal between members of the Blue Ajah and their eyes & ears. For example, a steady blue flame means that the agent should prepare for danger. A flickering blue flame in a room means imminent danger and that the agent should evacuate immediately. A sparkler into the sky is a cry for help.
Refreshing HEALING Air, Water, and Spirit Moderate This weave is known among several Ajahs, although the Blue still teach it as a secret weave. It gives the sense of alertness, although it does not actually erase fatigue. The person will feel his/her exhaustion two-fold once the weave wears off. Like all Healing weaves, a channeller cannot use it on him/herself.
Inducing Fear CONJUNCTION Spirit Moderate to Difficult This weave, unlike Compulsion, cannot force its victim to action. However, it can be especially effective when used together with careful persuasion or intimidation.
Tracking Objects CONJUNCTION Air and Earth Moderate to Difficult Placing this weave on a non-living object allows its location to be sensed by the channeller. It will last for weeks on cloth or leather and indefinitely on metal. The favored object of most channellers is a coin, although there is always the risk of accidentally spending it!