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The Green Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
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Sitters of the Green Ajah
The Captain-General Sitters
Head chair green.png Sitter chair green.png Sitter chair green.png
Miahala ni Sha'hal t'Darrow
Played by Bella

Members of the Green Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl Green.png Cord Green.png
Roster of the Green Ajah (15)

Important Links

  1. Green OOC Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Green Ajah website. Here we endeavor to keep an accurate record of the members of our Ajah, as well as bits of our past, present and future. You can learn about how to join us, or just find out more about us. From here, you can also access the Warder Yards, the Hall of Ajahs or the Grey Tower itself. We hope that you enjoy your stay.
What is the focus of the Green Ajah?
Born amongst the blood and fire of the Trolloc wars of the Third Age, the Green Ajah stands forever prepared, awaiting Tarmon Gai'don: the Final Battle. Our purpose is to look to the future. Our present prepares for that by fighting the Shadow where ever it might be found. Our past is how we learn to do this and it is how we grow.
The Last Battle looms ever closer and we, the sworn members of the Green Ajah, stand ready to fight for the Light, for what we believe in and for what we love. We fight the Shadow with our every breath, in every way possible, including in the support of our fellow Ajahs and our comrades in arms, those of the Warder Yards. Our abilities make us powerful, our loyalty and our devotion makes us strong. No matter what comes, we stand ready.
In battle, for honor, find glory, keep hope...
Please find solace and safety among our Halls. Visit as you like, so long as you come in peace and walk with the Light.
The Green Ajah welcomes you.
Why should I choose the Green Ajah?
What are some things that are Green?
The fringe on our shawls.
How do I learn more about joining the Green Ajah?
The Green Ajah is always happy to welcome and assist new aspirants, or potential aspirants. We have long had a reputation for being active and engaged, and there's no intention of this stopping. You're welcome and encouraged to contact members of the Ajah if you have questions, or would like/need to Role Play with one of us!
How do i become a Sitter for the Green Ajah?
This is directed to any fully raised members, or soon to be, who're interested in becoming a Sitter.
Presently, and for some time in to Grey Tower history, Sitters are appointed positions and chosen by the Ajah Head. Choosing a Sitter is not something done lightly, for a Sitter represents the voice of its Ajah and there should always be the utmost expectations for maturity and thorough communication in the Hall. Thusly, it's necessary to be careful to choose a Sitter who will uphold this standard, and be active.
In Character, this position is one of prestige and respect. Those who hold the role, must always be an example for the rest of the Ajah and all those aspiring to it.
Accordingly, this choice is made with much consideration and observation, as well as by agreement of the other Sitters. If you are interested in putting your name forward to be a Sitter, please email the Captain General: spitfire.scorpio (at) with your intentions. Things will then be observed and considered, but be patient. The Captain General does have a life, contrary to popular belief, and wants to afford full thought to the decision.