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The Grey Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black
Sitters of the Grey Ajah
The Head Clerk Sitters
Head chair grey.png Sitter chair grey.png Sitter chair grey.png
Taesh Durlaen
Played by Kenneth
Bora Jovanović (NPC)

Members of the Grey Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl Grey.png Cord grey.png
Roster of the Grey Ajah (6)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Grey OOC Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the Grey Ajah?
Welcome to the Grey Ajah. Here the Tower's mediators seek harmony, consensus and justice. Within the Tower we study law and custom but many of us are out working in the world, using the arts of negotiation, mediation and diplomacy to promote peace and mutually beneficial relationships between the nations. When the Last Battle comes, every land must be united to defeat the Shadow.
Why should I choose the Grey Ajah?
If you have a desire to create lasting peace. To cement relationships between peoples and nations, kings and commoners. If you seek peace above everything, harmony within everything, then the Grey is for you. Mediation and negotiation are our bread and butter, and no one is greater at it. Diplomacy opens doors that even the most powerful weaves cannot open. Not only to we weave the Power, but also weave words to achieve our goals. A house divided cannot stand and it is the the Grey Ajah that seals all together.
What are some things that are Grey?
The fringe on our Shawls and our Cords
Bottle-nose Dolphins
Storm Clouds
How do I learn more about joining the Grey Ajah?
Contact Head Clerk Taesh/Kenneth or any member of the Grey to learn more about the Ajah. You can also post in the OOC Grey Ajah Gallery on the Board and any one of the Mediators will help you out.
If you are in need of an Ajah interaction post on the OOC board and you'll be snapped up!

Secret Weaves
Weave Type Elements Difficulty Description/Notes
Lazy Scribe WARDING Air and Spirit Moderate This weave when placed on a writing utensil will allow the instrument to write as the channeller speaks, verbatim, what is said and how it is said. This is best used for quick notes, as a continuous flow of Power is required. Ink must be supplied as well as it runs out. The channeller must also have a knowledge of how to write and spell. The weave will not compensate for lack of know-how.
Reinforced Documents WARDING Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air Moderate to Difficult This weave, an encasing of all Five Powers, is used to protect a document from the elements or accident. Depending on the conditions that the document will go through, the Elements used may change in capacity. For instance a treaty that is being delivered by boat, the channeller would use more Water and Air to protect the document from wind and rain. One that is going through arid lands would use Fire and Air to protect from sun and heat.
Encryption WARDING Air, Spirit, and Fire Moderate to Difficult This must be woven very precisely

This weave can be placed on a document, and give the words on the document a jumbled appearance. In order for another reader to read the correct words, they must know the "key", that being the precise way that the encoder channelled the thread of Spirit, and placing that exact same pattern on the weave to see the document in its true form. If that pattern is not correct, it will trigger the thread of Fire to destroy the document.

Quick Sand ELEMENTALISM Earth and Water Easy This weave can be used to elude pursuers. Turning solid ground into an area that is unstable and traps any who cross it into a sinking and dangerous pool of liquefied earth. This weave could also be used to hide something, for instance a document that had been Reinforced with Earth and Water, could be place into the quicksand and then solidify the area, encasing the document in the ground to be retrieved at a later time.
Chameleon Tendencies ILLUSION Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit Moderate This weave is used for hiding in plain sight. The channeller places the weave on themselves or another person or object. The effect is simply that those who look at the person or object will look over them, not noticing them or recalling them later. It makes it easy for someone to walk through a crowd without causing a disturbance, or listen in on whispered conversations without being noticed. If someone with intimate knowledge of the person or thing that the weave has been placed on, or if someone is intent of finding that person or thing, the weave is not so effective.
Focus of Empathy CONJUNCTION Spirit, Air, and Fire Moderate This weave is placed over a glass, clear stone, or metal object, something that can easily reflect light. The object is then given to a person, or placed on them, and will give off a glow to the eyes a channeller, the color and intensity of which is a direct reflection of the wearers emotional state. The emotions that can be perceived by the Weave are: Anger - Black, Fear- White, and Joy - Yellow, Passion - Red. The brighter the glow the more intense the the wearer is feeling that particular emotion. The weave wears off after an hour or so and must be placed upon the object again for continuous use.
Empathic Bond CONJUNCTION Spirit and Water Difficult This is a somewhat controversial weave, known only to the member of the Ajah of mediation. This weave temporarily bind two people together, but only on an emotional level. When one is talking, the listener is able to perceive the speakers feelings intimately. Many Greys will not use it, considering it invasive; but others do in extreme cases. Some believe that negotiations and mediation go smoother when everyone is not only listening to but feeling the words that are spoken.