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The Indigo Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black
Sitters of the Indigo Ajah
The First Seeker Sitters
Head chair indigo.png Sitter chair indigo.png Sitter chair indigo.png
Elia Darrow
Played by Craig
Doran 'the Handless' (NPC)

Members of the Indigo Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl Indigo.png Cord indigo.png
Roster of the Indigo Ajah (10)

Important Links

  1. The Vaults
  2. Indigo OOC Forum
  3. Current Events

Frequently Asked Questions

There isn't an Indigo Ajah in the books. Why does the Grey Tower have one?
As the Grey Tower is a society of both male and female channellers, the Indigo Ajah replaces the Red Ajah from the books. We like our male channellers and would like to keep them around and intact.
So what does the Indigo Ajah do?
The Indigo Ajah is devoted to the study of Talents and objects of the One Power. This covers a lot of ground; Indigos have been known to study everything from the expression of Talents to re-discovering Lost Talents to finding new ones. The members of this Ajah also study and often create objects of the Power. The Indigos are additionally responsible for maintaining the Vaults and studying various angreal and sa'angreal. Most Asha'man and Aes Sedai who study objects of the Power are members of this Ajah.
How do I register a ter'angreal, angreal, or sa'angreal that I have found or created?
To register a new object of Power you should fill out this form.
How do I gain access to an object of Power that is already in the Vaults?
If you would like to borrow or study one of the objects in the Vaults, you need to gain permission from the First Seeker. When you contact her, be sure to include the reason you and your character need/want to borrow the object.
What kind of things are indigo?
Crayola blue-violet crayons, squished blueberries, the 'I' in Roy G. Biv, grapes, Violet in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory when she chews the experimental gum, and eggplants.
I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
Any member of the Indigo Ajah can help you with your questions. If you are interested in joining or have questions about the Vaults or Talents, you may also contact the First Seeker.