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The Plotbasket

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This is a collection of plot ideas for character interaction and roleplays so as to save everyone a headache from all the bumping into other people. Also realize that you can use NPC's to great effect during your roleplays, either by having them do things your character can (or would) not, or by having them be part of the plot. See the Grey Tower NPC listings, here.

For reasons of structure and readability the ideas have been categorized regarding to whom they may be most suitable. This is by no means a definitive categorization: If you are Aes Sedai, you may still want to sneak to the male Drin's quarters at night. It's just not very likely. ;)

Plot ideas suited for everyone

  • Visiting White Tower Aes Sedai (either Elaida's or Egwene's)
  • Visiting Black Tower Asha'man (Rand's probably)
  • The construction of the City around the Tower
  • Spotting a grey man.
  • Spotting a spirit (the dead walking, as in the later books).
  • Finding the sa'sara room. ; )
  • Receiving letters from home, noting news (reflecting events in the books - like Aiel being seen passing by, or Seanchan, or other strange folk, or nations pledging to the Dragon, etc.)
  • A drinking contest in the BoB (bound to happen something out of the ordinary then, eh?)
  • A tavern brawl at the BoB.
  • The new Member Weapon Listings are free for everyone, including channelers. Make it a story of how they win a weapon of their own choice through a challenge (a spar with an NPC involved) or how they speak with Master Blacksmith Kor Faeldran in the Weaponry. [Caden would] be happy to NPC the old fellow unless the players want to do it together (should the case be they go there together)
  • A relative comes over to see how you're doing (differently suited for different ranks).
  • Watching the children in the daycare/babysitting as a chore or favor to another member
  • Break a leg. Then, after three days of doing absolutely nothing (for some reason the yellows wouldn't heal you, only cast it) someone comes to visit you.

Plot ideas especially suited for fully-raised members

  • As a fully raised member, having a dress/suit made in town (like in New Spring, and the custom of interaction with the Seamstress).
  • Unbonded Aes Sedai/Asha'man takes a Ji or unbonded Gaidin along as an escort while they go to the country for some thing or the other.

Plot ideas especially suited for learning ranks

  • A learning rank running away and getting lost in the woods
  • Otherwise exploring the Tower (there are maps that players can use for this, with little hidden easter eggs here and there to poke into).
  • There is always the Black Ajah, which can render suspicions against fellow Trainees or Learning Ranks. Get together and make a thread of how you are spying on some random NPC that seems to have something to hide...
  • A food-fight during the mid-day or evening meals.
  • Displease someone of the IC Admin and explore how your character reacts to authority and punishment.
  • The lethal accident of a fellow Learning Rank or Trainee.
  • The classic idea of Novices and Accepted coming to watch the Trainees as they train in the Yards.
  • You're being told to retrieve a square-hole drill or spark plugs for a diesel engine. (Ie, an item that may or may not exist but in any case you wouldn't know what it is or where to find one).
  • Find out how the Bondweave is being woven so you can bond your Darkfriend stableboy lover and ride off to the sunset on Bela ;P
  • Fall madly, head over heels, I-don't-know-who-I-am-without-him/her, admiringly in love with ('have a crush on') another member. Preferably a visible (ICly) member, such as a teacher or the Ruggedly Handsome Master of Arms :P (This is the schoolgirl-crush scenario of moony eyes and longing sighes. Think 'The Police - Don't stand so close')
  • Bullying! It happens everywhere. Be a bully or someone being bullied. (But keep it nice OOC!)

Plot ideas especially suited for Warders and WiT's

  • Stealing the MoA's mask (has been done before but it can have some dramatical - and interesting - consequences)
  • A sparring contest (not unlike Riven Trimak's Battle Royal, which was a wonderful idea that has been done twice because of its success. The second time it seemed people had a hard time keeping up with the thread, but the idea is still good.)
  • Some of the Ji'alantin can contact the MoA with a request to serve at the Citadel. Which will be granted with NPC supervision. (This could even be the starting ground for a Big or Major RP...)
  • The Drin'far'ji (or Ji) males can try to sneak into the ladies section of the barracks, for obvious reasons. ;)
  • The above, but the other way around...
  • The Warder Yards has a loft *winkwink*
  • Unbonded Aes Sedai/Asha'man take a Ji or unbonded Gaidin along as an escort while they go to the country for some thing or the other.
  • A Gaidin pits you against one(or more) other member(s) in a spar while he supervises.
  • WYCIS: Warder Yard Criminal Investigative Service. The Warder-Channeler Representative has lost some of his records. Where they stolen? If so, why? How? By whom? Can of course also be applied to other areas of the tower. (And please include a Goth scientist. Please!)
  • Ask one of the Gaidin why you'd bother yourself protecting some woolheaded channeler ;P

Plot ideas especially suited for channelers

  • Learn from the Creator and his creations: Just throw the first lower rank you see into a pond. Or the first person you see. Whatever suits you.
  • Ask one of the AS/AM why you'd take a warder and/or why a Gaidin and not another channeler