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The Red Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
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Sitters of the Red Ajah
The First Inquisitor Sitters
Head chair red.png Sitter chair red.png Sitter chair red.png
Jaryd Kosari
Played by Marla
Astoria (NPC)

Members of the Red Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl red.png Cord red.png
Roster of the Red Ajah (7)

Important Links

  1. Red OOC Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Red Ajah?
The Red Ajah is the newest of the Ajahs and currently the smallest. We exist to combat abuses of both the One Power and of mundane power. We do not adhere to customs or laws, finding that ending the abuse is more often of greater import than seeking justice or reparation. We try to balance what must be done against what is right. To be Red is to answer a calling higher than your own; it is to devote your life to eradicating corruption while walking upon that razor's edge between darkness and light.

Why not Green, Blue, or Grey?

In the words of Jaryd (in response to an Accepted's inquiry):
“That is one of the more popular questions asked of us. Why not Blue? Why not Green? Why not Grey? I nearly joined the Grey Ajah myself, you know, and there are still those who find that fact rather perplexing.” Most did not realize that his studies of law and politics had not ceased upon choosing Red; those who skirted the edge of the law had best know every nuance of its wording, after all.
“All of the Ajahs have a purpose specifically designed to assist with opposing the Shadow. The Green Ajah fights the Shadow. Openly, blatantly, that is their purpose. They lead the charge and they are proud of that fact. The Blue Ajah addresses the problem of the Shadow, each in their own way. One might devote herself to finding the Dragon Reborn; another may devote her entire life to the purpose of ensuring no child in Hama Valon goes hungry. Their causes are as varied as the men and women who grace their halls. The Grey Ajah focuses on law and negotiation, to minimize division in our lands so we might present a coherent front to the Shadow when Tarmon Gai’don when the time comes.”
“The Red Ajah of the White Tower was created to fight the Shadow by removing its taint from the land. This meant hunting down men who could channel before their madness could destroy the world and ease the Dark One’s passage. Our purpose at the Grey Tower is actually quite similar: We seek to remove the Shadow’s taint in an effort to lessen his grip on the world when he breaks free of his prison. We are not, however, restricted to hunting male channelers. His taint takes many forms after all. It distorts and corrupts even the finest of cities- you need only read on the fate of Aridhol to know I speak truth.”
“Our work can certainly be quite grandiose, but the majority of it is actually focused on small day to day interventions. For example- in a recent excursion, I found myself faced with a languid noblewoman and her complement of guards. The guards were bullying a child for touching their lady’s dress. I was one man, unarmed, against eight; I didn’t stand a chance. However...the noblewoman was the real power in that situation. One word from her, and the guards would stop. Therefore I ignored the guards and went straight for her. It worked- they stopped.”
“Because of our size and the nature of our work, we are a tight-knit group. If you seek privacy, you won’t find it in our halls- something that seems to surprise those who do not know us.”
What kind of things are Red?
Raspberries, cherries, poppies, roses, rubies, blood, and the Spanish Inquisition.
What do Reds spend their time doing?
We spend much of our time gathering and sorting through information. Accurate information is of paramount importance to us as it is what allows us to do what we do. When we are not filing through reports and sorting through the rumuor mill, we split what time we do have between working to improve our skills and abilities, and rest and recuperation.
Things to consider before joining the Red Ajah:

"If you have any doubt whatsoever as to whether or not you wish to become a Red, then you are no Red." - Kaia.

"Are you willing to cut someone's head off yourself? No? You aren't Red. Are you looking for personal revenge? Yes? You aren't Red." - Jaryd.

  • "Are you willing and able to stand as judge, jury, and executioner?"
  • "Will you be able to live with yourself afterwards?"
  • "Are you able to find ways of coping in order to keep yourself balanced?"
  • "For the rest of your time as an Aes Sedai or Asha'man, you will be subjected to the disdain and contempt of others simply because you chose Red. Are you capable of accepting that and rising above it?"
  • "Are you willing to dedicate your entire life to all of the things mentioned above, to commit yourself to being Red, knowing that every day might be your last?"

If you hesitate, if any of your answers is not a firm 'yes', then the Red Ajah is not the place for you.

I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
The First Inquisitor Jaryd Kosari is always available, but any member of the Red Ajah would be happy to assist you. You can find us in our OOC Forum.