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The Test of Honour Raising Template

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Raising Tests
The Great Stair (Accepted and Dedicated) - The Test for the Fancloak (Ji'val) - The Test of Honour (Drin) - The Three Arches (Novices and Soldiers)

The summons comes by way of a Gaidin, adorned in the formal uniform of the Warder Yards, with a letter from the Master of Training. The message bears but a single word. "Attend."

The Gaidin leads the Drin from whatever activity they were doing, or from their rooms, straight towards the glass and stone edifice of the Grey Tower. Without a word, the Drin is led into the depths of the Tower, far below any basement they may ever have been to before. Only the occasional torch lights the way when the Drin's destination is finally reached. Having dismissed the Gaidin, the Master of Training stands with the Drin before a large set of doors, bound in brass and iron.

"You have been summoned for your test of honour, Drin. In times past, we would have sent you into the wilderness without a choice. But now, you have a decision. You may proceed through these doors to face your test, to fail or pass, to live or die, or you may refuse. You may refuse the test twice, but on the third asking, you shall face your test of honour, or you will be expelled. So, make your choice Drin. Are you ready, or will you refuse?"

Your character has the right to refuse the first two times they are summoned. You may make reference that this is your character's second or third summoning.

"I am ready," comes the reply.

Upon hearing the answer he expected, the Master of Training turned to push open both doors. Beyond is a small circular chamber, no more than twenty feet in diameter. A large golden archway stands in the centre of the room, only a couple of inches in width but spanning over eight feet towards the high ceiling. At one side of the archway, an Aes Sedai sits crosslegged, eyes transfixed on the golden bar before her. On the opposite side, an Asha'man mirrors his female peer. Each channeller is guarded by two Gaidin in the livery of the Warder Yards.

"We stand as the sword and shield for our channellers, not simply against forces that oppose us in war or serve the Shadow, but in every aspect of their lives. You need to be able to put your charge's needs and wants before your own. Your pain comes before theirs; your life comes before theirs. Shed yourself of pride and hubris."

The Master of Training gestures towards the archway. "You will be faced with the realities of another life you may have led inside the golden arch. In each of those lives, you will be faced with a decision. If you choose the correct path, you will return to us as Ji'val. Make the wrong choice, and you will need to enter the arch again, unless you choose to stop." The Master of Training pauses for a moment, his face graven. "And sometimes one does not make a choice, and is lost forever within the ter'angreal."

The Gaidin steps back, leaving the Drin in the centre of the room with the archway. "If you choose not to enter now, you will be expelled from the Tower. But if you choose to go through, remember this. To be a Gaidin is to know sacrifice."

The Drin steps forth into the archway and is surrounded by a golden light.

In the test, the Drin is put into a position where in order to "win" they must "sacrifice everything." For some characters, this might mean dying. For others, it might mean letting go of their pride, a dear dream, their own personal identity, their freedom, etc. It's totally subjective.

No-one will succeed the first time around. It is impossible.

To make it real, people can get sucked into the ter'angreal and never come out, but the circumstances for how that happens would be up to a writer who wanted to do that.

The golden light faded, vision returning to the Drin. The Master of Training glances at the two channellers behind the Drin and frowns. There is a sympathy in his eyes, but his voice is wrought of iron.

"You have crossed through the arch, but you have not learnt of true sacrifice. You may enter again, or you shall be expelled. Choose."

Once more, the Drin makes the decision to enter as the golden light of the ter'angreal consumes them.

Same principle as the first time - they must sacrifice everything. It's the same type of sacrifice since it's the same character, but the circumstances are different. Again, very subjective and up to the author to decide what happens.

It's possible a person might succeed this round, but for the sake of simplicity we'll say no, they fail again.

The person gets spit out. They have to try AGAIN. Same principle as the first two rounds, but again, a different scenario. By this time they should be aware of what they have to do to succeed; they'll sacrifice everything, come out, and become Ji.

The general idea is that a person eventually succeeds. You may write out two scenarios, or five, or more - that is up to each writer. But the average expectation is three to match the Arches.

The golden light fades once more. This time, when the Master of Training looks at the two channellers, a pleased grin forms on his stony face.

"It seems you have discovered something new within yourself this day. Remember that; hold onto that. It is the essence of being Gaidin."

The door behind the Master of Training swings open, and the Mistress of Arms moves into the room flanked by the Gaidin Captain. The three members of the Warder Council stand before the Drin, who kneels before the Mistress of Arms. The four other Gaidin and the channellers stand in attendance to watch this ceremony.

"We are gathered here today to witness our new brother/sister, who has proven themselves worthy to wear a darker shade of grey. You have succeeded in the challenges set against you by your superiors, and mastered them with honour."

"It is the duty of every individual to devote themselves to the advancement and better of their home and calling. It is with pleasure that I performed my duty, in conferring upon you, the rank of Ji'val of the Grey Tower. Arise!"