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The White Ajah

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The Hall of Ajahs
Blue Brown Green Grey Indigo Red White Yellow Black
Sitters of the White Ajah
The First Reasoner Sitters
Head chair white.png Sitter chair white.png Sitter chair white.png

Members of the White Ajah
Aes Sedai Asha'man
As shawl white.png Cord white.png
Roster of the White Ajah (5)

Important Links

  1. White OOC Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all of the answers provided are entirely serious. If you have more questions or need more serious answers, please ask on the White Ajah's out-of-character message board.
What is the White Ajah all about?
The White Ajah is all about logic and philosophy. The White Ajah is about the future. It is about being ready to rebuild after the Green's, Blue's, Grey's and Yellow's do their part in the Final Battle. It is about keeping calm until the aftermath, where we will help rebuild.
Why should I choose the White Ajah?
The White Ajah is for those enlightened channelers who transcend the other Ajahs. You should choose the White if you are the type of person who can wait patiently, and act where you are truly needed.
Who are some famous Whites?
Famous members of the White Ajah include Keeper of the Chronicles Alviarin Sedai in the books, legendary First Reasoner Phylia Syrith Aes Sedai of the Grey Tower, Keeper of the Chronicles Crysthia Faedryn, and Aleathea Fondir Aes Sedai, who was raised to the Amyrlin Seat of the Grey Tower from the White Ajah.
What are some things that are white?
Socks, Novice dresses, hotel towels, the big tower in the middle of Tar Valon, the Whitecloaks' cloaks, not Alviarin (she was Black), Bobo the polar bear, snow, milk, and white flowers are white.
I have more questions. Who do I talk to?
You can post your question in the OOC boards and wait patiently for a reply.