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Velanya Aldera (NPC)

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Velanya Aldera
ve-LON-ya al-DEH-ra
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tuatha'an
Rank: Mistress of Novices of the Yellow Ajah
Bondmate(s): Unbonded
Spouse: None
Children: None
Played by: Jenny

Talents / Abilities:
Healing TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png
Rending TalentPip.pngTalentPip.png

Weapon Skills:

Supplemental Healer Skills
Dexterous Weaver

OP Strength: 4.2
Affinities: Air, Water, Spirit, Fire, Earth


Height: 5'5"
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown

Velanya, or Vanya, is warm, lovely, kind, and motherly. She appears to have a pleasant and patient temperament. When caught alone, she is a sad woman with many regrets. Yet behind the calm exterior is a woman who is fiercely passionate about the plight of children, especially orphans. She also burns with curiosity and will stop at nothing to attain her desired knowledge. If challenged, she can be arrogant and overbearing. If threatened, she lashes out little hesitation. She is strong-willed and persistent and hates being told “no.” She is particularly sensitive to criticism on her skill in Healing.

She was a pretty child who blossomed into a ravishing woman. Her skin is pale and smooth. Her features are sharp and well-formed. Her eyes are dark and beckoning. She was raised among the Tuatha’an and spent many nights with the girls of her troop practicing the tiganza; and she moves with the bewitching grace of a dancer. Few can deny her physical beauty.


Vanya was born to the Tuatha’an. Her father cared only for food and song; her mother married young and ran herself ragged tending to an ever-growing herd of children. Even as a child, Vanya struggled to follow the Way of the Leaf. Although she tried to control herself, she often lost her temper and slapped or kicked other children if they displeased her, actions that quickly ostracized her from the other members of her troop. In addition, her inquisitive nature and constant questions frustrated every adult around her. She turned to books, devouring them at incredible speeds, and spent her days dreaming of her own adventures.

When she was eleven, one of her older brothers died of shaking chills and fevers. The incident struck her with an unreasonable and nearly obsessive fear of death. She began to focus her reading on herblore, medicine, and human anatomy. Her mother encouraged these interests, hoping that her daughter would avoid her own fate and be able to lead a better life.

One day, another child took one of her most treasured books as a prank. But while she was attempting get the book back, she pushed him. He fell into a river and hit his head. Vanya tried to save him, but he was dead. The incident was witnessed by others in her troop. Fed up with her aggression, they held her responsible. Vanya’s parents were reluctant to defend her against their neighbors, and they abandoned her to the Mar a’Mael, the Tower-run orphanage in Hama Valon.

Vanya lived there for four years, slowly learning to forgive herself for her mistakes and to manage her temper. She had never truly belonged among her people, but found a home at the Mar a’Mael. She became especially close with a group of girls. When she was fifteen, Vanya was the only girl in the group who was found to have the ability to channel, but she continued their close friendship throughout her training at the Grey Tower.

She was a novice for 5 years and an Accepted for 6 years. During her training, she sought out instruction in Healing but was told that she possessed little Talent for it. Undeterred, she insisted upon learning - and with hard work and dedication, she became passably skilled enough to join the Yellow Ajah.

For her first year, she served in the Tower infirmary. To her extreme distress, she could not keep up. She was simply not strong enough in the Power, nor Talented enough in Healing. Each night, she went to bed utterly drained; and each morning, she woke up exhausted. But she was too proud to ask for help, even as she grew more weary. Her fatigue did not escape the notice of the Yellow Ajah. One day, she was called in by her Head of Ajah, who ordered her to fill a new position at the Mar a’Mael. Vanya stormed off, deeply insulted and ashamed - but this event marked an important turning point in her life.

As soon as she set her first footstep on the grassy lawn of the Mar a’Mael, she realized that she had truly returned home. For over fifty years, she dedicated her life to serving the lost children of Hama Valon. She was a loving teacher, a warm mothering figure, and a stern disciplinarian. She found great joy in healing children’s hearts with soothing words, tender love, and unconditional support. Hundreds of children passed through her care; and her love and energy never waned. She rose through the ranks of teachers and administrators and eventually became the Headmistress of the orphanage.

After the attack by a Black sister on the Novice and Soldier Quarters, Vanya returned to the Tower. She served as a Sitter for the Yellow Ajah during the investigation of the crimes. Afterwards, she was instrumental in the education of the surviving students and assisting them with any residual disabilities. Eventually, she was appointed interim Mistress of Novices until a candidate could be found to fill the position more permanently.

Career History

Joined as a Novice on 0000/00/00 Raised to Accepted on 0000/00/00 Raised to Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah on 0000/00/00 Appointed to Mistress of Novices on 2016/11/28

Archived Work

Aes Sedai
  1. The Other, Other Darrow