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Warder Yards Art Gallery

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WH.jpg WYFOYER.jpg
The Warder Hall Foyer of the Warder Hall
DRINR.jpg JIR.jpg
Drin Quarters Ji'val Quarters
Trainees are housed in pairs on the main floor of the Warder Hall. The state of Drin quarters are checked randomly by Ji'val. Trainees are required to mantian their rooms in a neat and tidy fashion, as much well as their uniforms, weapons, and armor. Each Drin is provided with a single bed and linens, two light grey training and formal uniforms, a trunk for sparse personal items and their uniforms, hooks for hanging practice weapons, and a shared desk and lamp for studying. Every two rooms share a single washbasin. A single window set in a frame of avendesora patterns overlooks either the Warder Yard (on the north side) or the Tower (on the south side). When a Trainees are raised to Ji'val, they are given rooms of their own. These rooms are interpersed between Drin rooms in order to provide random bed-checks. In turn, the Master of Training (or whoever he delegates) checks Ji'val rooms. Each Ji'val room contains not only its own bed, trunk, studying desk and lamp, and hooks for practice weapons, but also an armoir and its own wash basin. Ji'val are allowed to alter the furnishings and layout of their rooms.
GAIDR.jpg Uniforms.jpg
Unbonded Gaidin Quarters The Warder Yard Uniforms
These uniforms vary in shade with the rank fo the carrier. As Trainees rise in rank, their uniform changes from light grey (as Drin) to medium grey (as Ji'val). The shade of grey stands not only for the Grey Tower, but also the grey between novice white and soldier black, without formal Ajah color association. The purpose is to symbolize how Warders belong to no particular Ajah before they are bonded, and serve both Aes Sedai and Asha'man equally. Unbonded Gaidin are free to wear what they choose, although usually clothes suitable for spar, battle, or wilderness survival. Alike Bonded Warders, they are also privlidged to done the famed fancloak. Warder Officers bear symbols of their office and duty to the Warder Yard as a broach clasping their fancloaks.

The formal uniform is worn outside of the Training Yard, as training uniforms are often soiled with hard practice and chores.
WOS3D.jpg EC.jpg
Warder Officer Study The Executive Council Room
If you are summoned to an Officer's study (either the Master of Arms, the Master of Training, or the Gaidin Captain), this is typically what it would look like. An ornate desk and chair before a roarching fireplace would face you head-on, flanked by twin bookcases and stain glass windows. The colored windows are a rare sight, on the left is depicted an Aes Sedai channeling, and on her left an armored Warder - a symbol of the Warder's sacred duty. The symbol of the Grey Tower: the traditional white flame and dragon's fang are depicted prominantly. It is common to feel a woven Tarien rug beneith your feet, well-crafted desks displying scrolls and maps, a chair or two for informal meetings, and one or two chairs facing the grand desk for visitors like you. The Master of Training traidionally has a bamboo rod hanging upon his wall, symbolizing his office. A door can be found to the far right or left leading to a private study, which in turnn leads to the Warder Officer's balcony that overlooks the Warder Yard from the second floor.

If you would venture here on your own accord, you are expected to report; knock and only enter after a hearing the command to do so. You are to report name, rank and purpose immidiately.
Here, upon the second floor of the Warder Hall, the major desicions regarding the Warder Yard's future are made. A round table stands in the center of the room surrounded by four chairs. To the east the Master of Arms sits. To his or her right (in the north) is the Gaidin Captain, to the left (south) is the Master of Training. Opposite the Master of Arms (to the west) and between the Master of Training and Gaidin Captain the Warder Channeler Representative councils. A fireplace roars behind the Master of Arms. Behind the Warder-Channeler Representative a curiously concave bookshelf holds all of the necessary references to conduct meetings. Behind the Gaidin Captain a redwood desk holds the most recently required scrolls, parchments, and also a map over the known nations. The circular wall is decorated with pillars bearing wall candles, portraits and tapestries of great battles and heros of the history. Behind the Master of Training, two Ji'val might be ordered to guard outside this chamber during session.
Mat Room in the Warder Hall Study Room in the Warder Hall
A Small-Sized Classroom in the Warder Halls A Large-Sized Classroom in the Warder Halls
WH1F.jpg WH2F.jpg
Layout of the Warder Hall's Ground Floor Layout of the Warder Hall's First Floor
Trainee Barracks Classrooms and Offices
WH3F.jpg LOFT.jpg
Layout of the Warder Hall's Second Floor Layout of the Warder Hall's Loft
Classrooms and Studies Used for storage (and other stuff you don't know about), and is currently inaccessable due to a Bubble of Evil closing off the stairs