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Weapon Skills

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Weapon Skills
Weapon Skills - Earning Weapon Skill Points - Weapon Skill Form - Blademastery


Weapons are not intuitive tools. No-one can merely pick up a sword or axe and know how to use it properly; training is necessary, whether formal or informal. Any weapon can be learned, from a dagger to polearm. It merely takes time and effort.

Here in the Grey Tower, we have a system for describing and comparing the amount of skill that each character has with various weapons. Weapons are divided into a number of basic categories, described here. For each category of weapon, a character may earn up to five points of skill. In addition, a character who has met the additional requirements and who passes the final test may gain an additional two points in one category of weapons, thus becoming a Blademaster (or Spearmaster, Bowmaster, etc). However, there are limits on the number of points that a character can earn. These limits are based on the character's rank.

The Grey Tower is a writing-based site, and desires to improve both the writing and roleplaying skills of its members. For that reason, the Weapons Skill System is neither intended nor designed to replace character interaction (and if you think armed combat isn't interaction, guess again). The requirements for earning points in a weapon are meant to promote good writing skills by giving you background information on the topic. The skill levels are designed to give us a common vocabulary when we describe a character's level of ability.

This system is also in place to help prevent, or at least limit, the writing of unrealistically, abusively powerful characters. The limits on points available to learning ranks and the system to attain new skills for all are meant to reflect that.

Relative Skill

Obviously, no character will ever have picked up a sword and immediately become a Blademaster. Below are the relative levels of skill for each point. Be aware that although these descriptions are based on characters engaging in active combat or large-scale combat, there are other possibilities for how one may learn a weapon. A knife thrower in the circus, for example, can be considered. This is just a reference.

Skill Wordcount to earn this point Description
Greenbullet.gif 600 An individual with one point has devoted some time learning to use their weapon for combat purposes. They now know some basic stances and guards, perhaps a little more. They have either little or some limited combat experience but can hold their own in a unit upon the field with support. Consider them comparable to your garden-variety soldier.
Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif 800 An individual with two points has now mastered the basics of their weapon and has begun to learn advanced techniques. The weapon now looks at home in their hands, their movements are no longer awkward or halting, and basic moves are reflex. On the field, they can hold their own, and they are likely to have moderate combat experience. Consider them comparable to a Queen's Guard.
Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif 1100 An individual with three points has given much devotion to training and/or significant combat experience; they can now attack and defend fluidly and without hesitation. They have learned and grasped advanced techniques--e.g. Binding, Disarming and Footwork against multiple opponents--and could hold their own against more than one opponent. Consider them comparable to your average Aiel warrior/Spear Maiden.
Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif 1500 An individual with four points excels in most uses of their chosen weapon and have perfected most advanced techniques to a reflex level. Their combat experience extends to at least several battles/skirmishes. They are able to handle multiple opponents without halting. Consider them comparable to your highly-trained, battle-hardened Whitecloak commander.
Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif 2000 An individual with five points is second only to a Blademaster. They are an elite fighter capable of outmatching more than one appointment of any skill level. Their combat knowledge of forms, techniques, and situational awareness make them rightly feared upon the field. They have become adept at finding and exploiting enemy weaknesses, and has likely seen considerable combat. Consider them comparable to your Crown Prince who's been training since they were a boy, and has fought in several wars in defence of their country.
BMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gifBMbullet.gif Special
(see Blademastery)
An individual with seven points is a Blademaster. They now have the right to mark their weapon with the herons and are among the elite wielders of their weapon. Blademasters have learned everything there is to know about their weapon, but they often sacrifice versatility for this specialisation. Note that two points are required to make the transition to Blademaster; this represents the amount of study and dedication required.

How much skill can I have?

Learning ranks, even those who come to the Tower with weapon training and history, will still never be as skilled in weapons as those who have trained at the Tower for many years. As such, we have limits on the number of points that learning ranks may have. (The caps for channelers will always be lower than for Warder trainees.)

Once you reach full rank, there is no limit to the number of weapon skill points a character may have, but the MoA will always keep in mind how many points your character already knows when considering granting more.

Rank Total Cumulative Points Max. Points / Weapon Example
Novice/Soldier 3 2 Sword Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Drin 7 3 Sword Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Unarmed Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Quarterstaff Greenbullet.gif
Accepted/Dedicated 5 4 Sword Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Quarterstaff Greenbullet.gif
Ji'val 10 5 Sword Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Unarmed Combat Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif
Quarterstaff Greenbullet.gifGreenbullet.gif