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About Weaves

Over the history of the Grey Tower, weaves has found their way into many aspects of the site and the writing but haven't really been given their own identity. There are Benefits, Talents... but at the end of the day Aes Sedai and Asha'man channel Weaves! It is about time for them to have their own section.

This list of weaves is intended to be for inspiration / reference only, and you are in no way restricted to only what is listed here. You are welcome to make up weaves, rename them, perform them differently, or add your own details as you see fit.

If you are interested in adding weaves to this page, please send its name and description to and the Triumvirate will review your request.

Please note that this page is under construction and will likely be reorganized/redesigned.

Type of Weaves

A simple break down of the types of weaves. These write ups are (mostly) taken from the Wheel of Time Roleplay Handbook.


Conjunction deals with the most common weaves and talents. Its weaves grants the channeller the ability to bond a warder, detect the location of others and sense shadowspawn.


This connects the Channeller to the earth. It's weaves grand the channeller the ability to sense minerals, split open the earth, and create land-shaking earthquakes.

Earth Singing is very difficult for most female channellers. So all weaves that have this type, unless that character is specifically strong in Earth and Fire, will more likely be Moderate or Difficult regardless of rank.


There are the most common of all the types, and relates to the control of the elements: the creation of light and fire, control over water, and the use of hardened air as tool or weapon.


Weaves of Illusion affect the minds and senses of those who witness them, causing them to experience often spectacular effects.


Weather weaves connects the channeller with the primal forces of weather, allowing him or her to control wind, rain, warmth, and even lightning. These are also known as Cloud Dancing weaves.


The talents of Healing involve repairing damage done to the body and mind; the fine work of accelerating and assisting the body's natural healing process. Ionically though, the same skills apply to damaging the body and mind -hence, a number of the weaves inflict pain, damage and death. But these are things not taught, or are lost to the Ages.


The weaves of Traveling allow a the channeller to travel great distances in short periods of time- or even instantaneous. Furthermore, some Traveling weaves create bridges to entirely different realms, such as Ter'Aran'Rhoid.


Wards protect the channeller, or an object or place, from the observation or interference of others.

The area encompassed by a warding weave cannot overlap, contain, or be contained within another warding weave.

Novice and Soldier Weaves

Weave Type Elements Difficulty Description/Notes
Create Fire ELEMENTALISM Fire Easy to Moderate Depends on Size
Disguise ILLUSION Air, Fire, Spirit Easy Well practiced by pranking novices and Soldiers
Eavesdrop ILLUSION Air, Spirit Easy
Folding Light ILLUSION Air, Fire Easy
Light ELEMENTALISM Air, Fire Easy
Move Water ELEMENTALISM Water Easy
Polish EARTH SINGING Earth Easy
Voice of Power ILLUSION Air, Fire Easy
Warmth WEATHER Air, Fire Easy
Whirlpool ELEMENTALISM Spirit, Water Easy to Moderate

Accepted and Dedicated Weaves

Weave Type Elements Difficulty Description/Notes
Arms of Air ELEMENTALISM Air Moderate to Difficult
Barrier to Sight WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Easy to Very Difficult
Blade of Fire ELEMENTALISM Air, Fire Moderate
Circle of Silence WARDING Air, Fire, Water Easy to Difficult
Current ELEMENTALISM Spirit, Water Moderate to Difficult
Delve HEALING Spirit Easy
Dream Shield WARDING Spirit Easy The lower your rank and skill, easier to be broken
Earth Delving EARTH SINGING Earth Moderate
False Trail CONJUNCTION Spirit Moderate to Very
False Wall ELEMENTALISM Air, Earth Easy to Moderate
Fiery Sword ELEMENTALISM Air, Fire Spirit Moderate
Fireball ELEMENTALISM Air, Fire Moderate to Difficult Based on Element Talent
Foretell Weather WEATHER Air, Water Easy
Harden Area ELEMENTALISM Air Easy to Moderate
Harness the Wind WEATHER Air, Water Difficult
Heal HEALING Air, Spirit, Water Easy to Very Difficult
Lightning WEATHER Air, Fire Very Difficult
Mirror of Mists ILLUSION Air, Fire, Spirit Easy to Moderate
Raise Fog WEATHER Air, Water Moderate
Renew HEALING Air, Spirit, Water Easy
Sense Shadowspawn CONJUNCTION Spirit Easy
Shield WARDING Spirit Moderate to Very
Tool of Air ELEMENTALISM Air Easy
Trace CONJUNCTION Spirit Easy
Wand of Fire ELEMENTALISM Fire, Earth Easy

Aes Sedai and Asha'man Weaves

Weave Type Elements Difficulty Availability Description/Notes
Bond Warder CONJUNCTION Spirit Moderate All
Caressing the Child HEALING Spirit, Water Moderate Yellow Ajah; Aiel
Distant Eye ILLUSION Spirit Easy All
Earthquake EARTH SINGING Earth Moderate to Very All
Fire Trap WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Easy to Difficult All
Grenade EARTH SINGING Earth, Fire Moderate to Very All Easier for Men
Heal the Mind HEALING Air, Spirit, Water Moderate TBD Lasts One Minute
Immolate ELEMENTALISM Fire, Spirit Difficult All
Master Ward WARDING All Moderate to Difficult All
Passing the Bond CONJUNCTION Spirit Easy All
Seal WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Easy All
Sever HEALING Spirit Difficult All
Ward against OP WARDING All Easy to Very All Depends on Size
Ward against People WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Easy to Difficult All
Ward against Shadowspawn WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Easy to Difficult All
Ward Bore WARDING All Easy Blue, Brown, Green and Red

Ajah Specific Weaves

Weave Type Elements Difficulty Availability Description/Notes
Attracting Animals Blue Ajah Weave
Blue Flame Weave Blue Ajah Weave Tierseal.png
Inducing Fear Blue Ajah Weave
Refreshing Blue Ajah Weave
Chameleon Tendencies Grey Ajah Weave
Focus of Empathy Grey Ajah Weave
Lazy scribe Grey Ajah Weave
Quicksand Grey Ajah Weave
Reinforced Document Grey Ajah Weave
Variation Grey Ajah Weave
Air-rows Green Ajah Weave
Armor of Rust Green Ajah Weave
Boiling Blood Green Ajah Weave
Caution Wet Floor Green Ajah Weave
Chain Lightning Green Ajah Weave
Cutting Lines of Fire ELEMENTALISM Spirit Moderate to Difficult Green Ajah Weave
Death-spray Green Ajah Weave
Liquid Fire Green Ajah Weave
Riven earth EARTH SINGING Earth, Fire Moderate Green Ajah Weave
Rod of Storm Green Ajah Weave
Strike of Death WARDING Air, Fire, Spirit Difficult Green Ajah Weave
The Floor that is not a Floor Green Ajah Weave
Linking/Circles Indigo Ajah Weave
Testing for Talents Indigo Ajah Weave
Testing for the Spark/Ability Indigo Ajah Weave
Heartbeat Coin WARDING Spirit, Fire Easy Red Ajah Weave Tierseal.png
For Your Eyes Only White Ajah Weave
Inspire Good Behavior White Ajah Weave
Revelation White Ajah Weave
Seek the Truth White Ajah Weave
Sense of Serenity White Ajah Weave
Delving Yellow Ajah Weave
Revitalization Yellow Ajah Weave
Touch of Death HEALING Spirit Moderate Black Ajah Weave
Rend HEALING Air, Spirit, Water Moderate Black Ajah Weave Not taught, nor used by one bound by the 3 oaths