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September 1st, 2013

The end of summer is upon us and with it the beginning of autumn. We wish those of you who are students the best of luck as you begin the new school year, and to those who are no longer in school, we wish you great success with your next projects.

Pro tip: Let your characters experience the changing of the season in your new threads. If they're in the learning ranks, have them rake leaves or pick apples for one of their chores, others may dress a little warmer or notice the days growing shorter.


And the winner of the latest fanfic competition! And check out how it fits into the larger plot here.


The Census is complete, the member lists are updated, and the secret word has been issued. If you are a current member and haven't received the email, contact the administration and we'll get you sorted out. If you're not a current member and wish to join, or rejoin, please complete the join or return form.

The Hall of Sitters

Congratulations go to our new Ajah Heads and Sitters! Amairwyn Serenya has accepted leadership of the Brown Ajah as First Chair. And Serrah Trimak has taken on the mantle of First Selector with Laela Allette assisting as First Sitter. The Blue and Brown Ajah ascention threads about will be played out in the Amyriln's study.

The Hall has also been called to assemble for a quorum and begin the election/re-election process for the M'Hael. Nominations will be complete one week from now, on September 9th.

Members of the Tower will find there is a new password gate to keep discussions and votes within the Tower community. Any active member may gain access to follow discussions and poll results, but special rules apply for participation and posting on the board, as usual.

The Test of Survival

We heartily congratulate Nani Hatherton who has passed the Test of Survival and joined the ranks of the Ji'dar. She is one step closer towards earning the fancloak!

New Ranks

Welcome Ragan do'Aydara of Shienar and Eleanor of Andor as our newest Drin'far'ji, here to train with the aspiration to become a Gaidin and Gaidar respectively. Ragan's golden eyes mark him as a lone wolf for now, but we think in time he'll become a member of the pack, and Eleanor arrived from Andor but no one knows where she hails from. Read and find out!

We also welcome Rujal Balraines of Cairhien as our newest Soldier recruit. He has strong potential, and the Yellow Ajah already has set their sights on him.


Congraulations to Riven Trimak, played by Dan, who welcomed his new son into his family this month. What a joy! We're so happy for him and his family.

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August 5th, 2013

Quick update, everyone! We have some exciting developments in store, but only for active members. The Census ends Monday, August 12th, and then we kick off a new season of RP. If you missed the email last week, you can find the link here.

Members can mark their characters active or retired, or put themseves on shara. All characters without a form will be automatically placed in retirement. Members with no active characters will lose their official positions (seats in the Hall of Sitters). To return to activity after being marked retired, simply complete the return form and write a short fic for your character. Please direct any questions to the admin.

And while you're stopping by, check out this post to see the winning piece for the fanfic competition!