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July 23rd, 2013

 Spring has been quiet at the tower, but things are slowly picking back up, and while these front page updates are sometimes intermittent it doesn’t mean nothing is happening on the boards!

Hall of Sitters:

We are excited to announce for the ambitious Learning Ranks that the Council of Youth have been relaunched! For the ambitious one who is willing to go above and beyond membership in this prestigous council affords you greater privieges above ordinary Learning Ranks, but also greater responsibilities. To find out more, go here 


Dedicated Seth Acuraim has taken over the appearances class after our Keeper, Riven Trimak. It is open to all, Learning Ranks and fully raised channelers as well as Warders and warders-in-training! Why don’t you check it out and earn yourself a nyew shiny benefit perhaps?

New Novies and Soliders:

Vorra Avalon comes to us from Seanchan. Please read her bio here.

Alorna Daranell joins us from Caemlyn. You can find her bio here.

Raeje Draeka is from what I can see a bright young woman who loves to perform and show off her gleeman skills. But she seems to be missing someone close to her heart... I encourage you all to go and read her profile 


Durent Asha'man of the Green Ajah has returned back to the tower! He returns from seclusion to the north.  You can read his return fic here.

Amairwyn Serenya Sedai has returned to us! You can read her return fic here.

Serrah al’Brennan Trimark are back with us after a long absence and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Please read her return fic here.

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January 5th, 2013

Addendum: Congratulations also go to Jenna al'Chan Sedai, who this autumn was raised to the Keeper of the Chronicles, the 17th to don the stole!  She has stepped up to take the place of Illyria Corinye and has quickly made a great impact on the Tower by coordinating the awards.

It's been a while since our last announcement, but a lot of interesting things have been happening under the hood!

Fanfic Competition Winner

We asked our members the tantalizing question, "what if?" what if your character at a pivotal moment had made a different choice, how would they be affected? How would the Tower be affected? We've recived some truly impressive contributions but the winner and runner up is as follows:

Winner of the Fanfic competition: Maria Norakovni meets a hard choice in her fanfic, Take what you want and pay for it.

Runner up: Damien al'Donai shows us the meaning of fate, and that we are meant to end up in certain places no matter how long it takes us in his fanfic, Forks in the road.

The Hall of Sitters

The Grey Tower 3.0

For a very long time various admin and members have been thinking about updating our website to a new system. We've recived some interesting proposal from very talented individuals. After an intense discussion weighing the merits of both proposals we are moving forward with the plan to upgrade the Grey Tower Drupal. This will make the running of the site smoother and more effective on both ends and allow the admin team to focus more on engendering more interesting roleplay opportunities for our members.

New Master of Arms

Earlier in the fall Dwillion left his two weeks notice. He was talented and hard-working. In his place comes none other than yours truly, Caithlan Damodred Gaidin. As the new Master of Arms I can only hope to fill his shoes! Nevertheless I am very excited to be here and look forward to working with the admin team and all of our wonderful members.

The Fall/Winter Awards

The Fall/Winter Awards have been annonced on the Main Message Board, you can find them here. I recommend you check them out as they come with a couple of examples of some very well-written roleplays and interesting characters, not to mention the hard-working and creative members behind the awards!

New and Returning Members

Finally I would like to extend our warmest welcome to new learning ranks and returning characters!

New learning ranks:

Bryn Riverstone Walker, Novice

Jaryd Kosari, Soldier


Ayden Tyre, soldier

Nia'ahn'tullah, Ji'alantin (return)

Daric Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah

Asheen Al'Glann Asha'man of the Yellow Ajah

Shivan, Dedicated

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In the light,

Caithlan Damodred Gaidin
Master of Arms