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Currently browsing thread: Proposing regulations when changing positions.
ATTN all HoS members, an agreement?
Riven Trimak
Posted on:
May 7, 2012 15:27:00
Do we agree with these, then?

-No matter what, an officer must give a full notice (two weeks, one week for nominations for a replacement, and one week for voting) of retiring from a current position before even applying for a position of equal rank. (For example, MoS to MoN, Amyrlin to Master of Arms, KoC to KoA.) Applying for a promotion (a higher rank) does not apply.

-When retiring from a position, one cannot apply for the same level position (For example, MoN and MoS, M’Hael and MoA, KoC and KoA) for a period of two months.

-One may not abandon a higher ranked position to cover a lower ranked position just for the intent to prevent someone from applying for a position. (For example, KoC applying for Mon. Provided valid proof can be provided of said higher rank trying to ‘steal’ lower rank.)

-If a lower rank position has no applicants (no MoN, MoS or MoT) a Keeper (or higher rank) may choose to take the lower position to assist with the running of the community (provided there is another person of equal rank to cover the duties of the vacated position.) Even without the lower ranked position covered, the higher ranked CAN and SHOULD attend to the duties none-the-less.

Slight rephrasing taken into consideration based on suggestions.  


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