Learning Ranks

The Halls of the Grey Tower students are energetic and bustling with initiates. Novices, Soldiers and Drin'far'ji marvel at the new-found miracles of this place while Accepted, Dedicated and Ji'alantin teach classes and help others on their way to become Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin or Gaidar.

The Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, and Master of Training would remind students of all ranks to mind their manners and be on their best behavior at all times. There are to be no childish pranks, no consumption of intoxicating substances, and absolutely no entanglements in inappropriate, distracting relationships of a romantic nature. (On an out-of-character note, we'd like to strongly encourage all these things, as getting caught at them is lots of fun.)

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Frustration and Cruelty
Vince Harth (NPC)
Posted on:
Dec 12, 2011 12:40:35
Vince had spent the better part of a decade at the Tower. His rise to Dedicated had been hard-fought, yet he had been so convinced from the start that he would one day be made an Asha'man. He had joined the Grey Tower at a young age, a simple street urchin in Caemlyn. When rumor had spread that they were taking initiates, he had volunteered for testing and discovered he had the ability, to learn to channel.

The prospect of power had thrilled him, and so he had joined the Tower, eagerly diving into classes. Yet, it soon became apparent that though he possessed a small amount of talent with the Power, he would never trully go far. Earlier in the day, he had recieved his formal notice. He was still welcome at the Tower, but he was no longer a Dedicated. He would never be an Asha'man.

As the years had passed, and it became apparent he lacked talent, he had grown steadily more cruel. Of late, as those who had become Soldiers when he had been made Dedicated had reached the rank of Asha'man, he had turned bitter, and had taken to physically lashing out at others.

As he strode through the halls, he cast his eyes about almost looking for someone to bother. So the tower no longer wanted Vince? That was fine. Vince would not leave until forced. Coming down a hallway, the smell of fresh soap and water reaches Vince's nose, and it twitches. Glancing ahead, he spots a girl in a Drin uniform, and his lips twitch in a cruel smile

"What- What do you think you're doing here? Cant you see im trying to clean here?"

The girl in question had come to the Tower some time back, and he had found particular pleasure pointing out to the girl that while her sister could channel, she could not. She was a failure, one who would forever be a servant to a higher power.

Quirking a smile at her, Vince glances over at a neately swept pile of dirt further down the hallway. "Im sorry Bethinyn. I hadnt known.. its just so DIRTY!"

Suddenly, he grasps saidin. While not powerfull, he could still do some small things. Weaving carefully, he grunts at the strain of the simple weave. The dirt slides suddenly down the hallway, before rising suddenly and dropping into the bucket of water. Then, with a great heaving motion, the bucket flips in the air, and the dirt, now mud, splatters neatly in several directions, but mainly paints the ceiling where she had already cleaned quite nicely.

"Awww... It looks like you missed some spots." With that, he chuckels, feeling somewhat better about himself, and turning to stride away.  


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