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The Halls of the Grey Tower students are energetic and bustling with initiates. Novices, Soldiers and Drin'far'ji marvel at the new-found miracles of this place while Accepted, Dedicated and Ji'alantin teach classes and help others on their way to become Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin or Gaidar.

The Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, and Master of Training would remind students of all ranks to mind their manners and be on their best behavior at all times. There are to be no childish pranks, no consumption of intoxicating substances, and absolutely no entanglements in inappropriate, distracting relationships of a romantic nature. (On an out-of-character note, we'd like to strongly encourage all these things, as getting caught at them is lots of fun.)

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Bethinyn al'Gwin
Posted on:
Jan 7, 2012 02:18:58
Bethinyn was entirely sure that as Vince dumped mud across her floors, splattered it across her ceiling, and sloshed it upon her walls, she could feel a faint twitching sensation in her left eye.

Words could not rightly describe the rage that she could feel bubbling beneath the surface, and with her respect for Vince already residing in negative numbers, the drin'far'ji wasn't sure that she wanted to attempt to contain it. In fact, she wanted him to see her wrath. He would face it, and oh, would he regret it.

The Dedicated strode away, swinging his hips cockily, his shoulders thrown back in pride. Was there any honor in making a mess? No. No there wasn't. Small children made smaller messes, and their mothers put them to shame. Her mouth curled into a delighted snarl as she realized this fact, and she decided that it would make the perfect comeback to his remark. Men seemed to be especially sensitive when it came to their mothers.

"Did your mother never teach you to leave a place cleaner than you found it, Harth?" Her voice was very light - pleasant even. If it had not been for the mocking edge that cut at her syllables, or for the roiling anger that was discernible if one happened to be looking for it, one could have said that she was being polite. "Oh... That's right," Bethinyn said smoothly, "She was too busy flouncing about with any man who'd agree to take her." At this, the Dedicated paused and tensed visibly - for an instant, Beth remembered to thank the rumormongers. Apparently, they had been correct in this instance.

"Do you really think you would have graced this earth if it had not been for that? You were a bloody mistake. You can't even channel properly!" Here she laughed softly, taking pure delight in the anger that could nearly be seen pouring from his body language. This nearly made cleaning the mud worth it, and better yet, he could not touch her. Not outside the Yards. She was safe as a resident of the Tower, and as an outcast, if he tried anything the punishment would be unimaginable - regardless of whether or not she had provided him with provocation. True, she would face punishment, but hers would be no where near severe as his.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to clean up your mess. After that, I think I'll return to my rooms for the evening. But I'm sure you can find a lovely inn down the road. Emond's Field really is rather accommodating."  


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