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The Halls of the Grey Tower students are energetic and bustling with initiates. Novices, Soldiers and Drin'far'ji marvel at the new-found miracles of this place while Accepted, Dedicated and Ji'alantin teach classes and help others on their way to become Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin or Gaidar.

The Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, and Master of Training would remind students of all ranks to mind their manners and be on their best behavior at all times. There are to be no childish pranks, no consumption of intoxicating substances, and absolutely no entanglements in inappropriate, distracting relationships of a romantic nature. (On an out-of-character note, we'd like to strongly encourage all these things, as getting caught at them is lots of fun.)

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Subjecation and Liberation
Daric and Vince
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Jan 7, 2012 09:20:48
As Bethinyn verbally lashed out at Vince, he stood, gripping his hands into tight fists and a slight tremble began starting with his fists. Slowly, his face turned red, but anyone who attributed the shaking, or the redness, would be wrong to assume it was out of embarrassment or fear. Vince was enraged.

He takes several steps toward her, her smirk very much apparent on her face, before stopping mere feet in front of her. Glancing to his left, and then to his right, he lowers his voice to a quiet whisper. “Bethinyn. Do you know what the problem with insulting me is?” She quirks a brow at him, and rolls her eyes before spinning away from him. At her turning, Vince grins, but there is nothing pleasant in the smile. “The problem… is there is no one around to watch your back.”

With that said, Bethinyn spins around, alarmed at his words, but too late. Vince grasps Saidin, yet even with the pitiful amount he could control, it was more than enough to overwhelm a defenseless Drin’far’ji. Without warning a rod of air slams her viciously in the stomach, then striking her square in the face and sending her sprawling on her back.

Vince takes in a deep breath. “Now THAT is the PROPER way you should be speaking to me.” He says, Bethinyn looking dazedly around. Kneeling beside her, Vince’s hands go to Bethinyn’s throat. “You think you can bandy words with me and get away with it? I think…” he pauses then, glancing at Bethinyn’s body before lowering himself to look directly into her eyes. “Yes, I think I shall take you with me. You are rather pretty, and the Tower owes me for casting me aside, so I shall take you.”

Bethinyn, now somewhat aware of her surroundings sneers at him, “As if I woul-“ before she freezes, a sudden shiver covering her body. The dim awareness of another seemed to bloom in the back of her mind, and with a sudden recoil she realizes what had just happened. Vince had bonded her.

Vince sneers at her, before slamming his will against her own. “You will obey me, girl, or this will never end well for you.” He wove swiftly, and with a deft touch despite his lacking ability, and she jerked rigidly as the weave settled on her. “You will follow me, without question, will not speak to anyone save me, and will do as I command.” Bethinyn blinked at that, and her jaw seemed to clamp shut as if she were fighting something within, yet she nodded very slowly. With that, Vince grins slightly, the grin even more vile than the one before. “I was forbidden this little weave when I arrived at the Tower, but I NEVER forgot it. You will warm my bed I think.” With that, he stands up. “Now come.” Bethinyn found herself standing shakily, and turning to wordlessly follow the former Dedicated. They strode down the hallway, her bucket of water still on the ground and sponge left where she had dropped it.

They made their way across the Tower grounds, avoiding those walking about either for chores, or just enjoying the day. Vince had decided it safer to avoid gathering his belongings, and rather decided it best to simply leave. He had some money on him, and he could always steal what he needed while they traveled away from the Tower. Glancing back at the Andoran girl following him, he perked up a little. This wouldn’t turn out quite as bad as he had thought. Before joining the Tower, he had been able to make people do small things he wanted to do, but once arriving at the Tower, they had taught him to perfect his abilities, while telling him he could not use them. He would not be bound by the three oaths either, so he could do as he liked, provided he stayed somewhat under the radar.

Cutting under some brush, Vince smiles as he his eyes fall on a small side gate that let out into the city. It was barred from the inside, and checked every half hour, but he could probably replace the bar using saidin, so no one would suspect that he had left through this gate. Bethinyn would be taken as a runaway, and it would be recorded as so, and he would get his ultimate revenge on the girl for speaking to him like she owned him.

As he steps forward however, a stern voice speaks out. “Bethinyn Drin’far’ji. What exactly are you doing away from the Warder Yards, the last time I spoke with Dwillon Gaidin, you were to scrub the entire… Vince, what are you doing here?” Vince froze at the voice, turning slowly, his heart racing.

Standing not 4 feet away, a rather tall man was watching the pair of them. He was called Daric, and his skin was tanned, with black hair. He wore black cadin’sor in the fashion of his people, the Aiel, yet a sword hung at his hip. “How is it that you two have come here to be together? The two of you cannot stand one another.” Daric asked, before glancing sharply at Bethinyn. The girl simply stared blankly at him. “What is wrong with… Vince. What did you do?”

Vince glances at the Asha’man, and then commits to his decision. The gate was only a few feet away, and one single Asha’man stood in his way. He was a barbarian anyways. “Bethinyn. Kill him.” He spits out.

Bethinyn reaches to her waist and slides out the dagger sheathed there, before jumping at the surprised Asha’man. The blade sinks deeply into his chest, and Daric staggers backward gasping. “Bethinyn… snap out of it.” Daric cries out, before glancing up sharply. Vince had seized Saidin, and the sensation of a shield sliding into place was unmistakable. “VINCE. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR BLOODY MIND?!” Daric roared.

“KILL HIM.” Vince cries out, snarling in Daric’s direction. Bethinyn yanks the dagger out, and thrusts at Daric’s throat, but Daric catches both of her wrists neatly. She slams her knee forward, but Daric twists the smaller woman sharply, spinning her and clutching her to his body tightly, pinning her.

Vince draws the knife at his own waist, and begins to step forward. In that moment, Daric seems to drawn in on himself, and something akin to an animalistic snarl issues from his mouth. Bringing his full will to bear, he hammers against Vincen’s shield repeatedly, and Vince’s legs visibly buckle, dropping to his knees. The shield shatters, and Daric seizes saidin, Drawing deeply. Weaving flows of air, he binds Bethinyn in place, before tying the weave off swiftly and stepping aside.

Vince glances at the weave, and his mouth drops open. Daric had done it faster than Vince could take a in a breath, and with a shakiness, he rises too his feet. Daric again weaves, all five of the Powers present, and Vince flinches as a shield slams into him and cuts him off from the source. Again, Daric ties the weave off, before releasing the Power.

“You want to leave? By all means, leave… but you will go through me.” Daric states, his lips curling back and showing his teeth. Blood flowed from the wound in his chest, but Daric completely ignored it. Drawing the sword at his hip, Vince eyes it warily, but Daric tosses it aside. “Come then.” Daric states, tilting his head back. “I am unarmed. Try your luck, fool.”

Vince smiled slightly. With enough work, he could untie the shield, and he could always find some other bloody girl to warm his bed. Hefting the dagger, he gives a wordless cry and rushes the Asha’man.

As he thrusts the blade toward Daric’s waist, however, Daric throws a knee up, catching him in the hand. The hand, dagger still held in it, is shoved upward, and Daric reaches forward, gripping Vince by the shoulders. Dropping the knee that had hit the hand forward, Daric steps forward, and throws his other knee sharply up, connecting sharply into Vince’s stomach. Vince exhales sharply, the air being driven from his lungs. Yanking Vince even lower, Daric thrusts his knee up again, connecting with his lower jaw and sending Vince sprawling. Grasping saidin again, Daric throws out a hand, and weaves again. He and Vince finds himself rising in the air, body rigid as if a rope was pulling his arms and legs in separate directions. He throws his head back, and surprisingly finds the air in his lungs to let out a scream.

“How DARE YOU.” Roars Daric. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!” It was obvious that Daric was speaking of Bethinyn, who remained standing, still fighting against the bonds of air that held her, her eyes locked on Daric. “I warn you, Vince, if you do not tell me the truth, I will kill you. I am defending one of my own.” Daric snarls, indicicating that he was fully within the 3 Oaths to do so.

At those words, Vince breaks into a cold sweat, his full predicamate seeming to fall on him, and after a moment, he gasps out. “Bonded her. Made her do what I wanted.”

Daric’s stomach heaves at the words. What he had done, was worse than rape. Vince screams as the bonds of air holding him stretch outward, before suddenly vanish, the younger man falling to the ground in a crumpled heap. “You will order her to stand down, and you will pass her bond to me, or I swear to you Vince,” Daric says, stepping forward, his eyes showing a darkness deep within. “I swear to you, I will break every bone in your body, and if there is anyone in this Tower who is capable of that, its me.” As each word is spoken, Daric’s voice gets quieter and quieter, but Vince hears them as if they were shouted in his face.

With a numb nod, Vince glances at Bethinyn, and speaks. “Stop. Follow him.” The words are hollow, as he looks at Daric pointedly. He could not pass the bond without touching Saidin. Plucking the weave apart, Daric glances at Vince before speaking again. “If I see you attempt anything other than passing me the Bond, I’ll break your neck.” Vince nods shakily, before seizing saidin. The weave is simple, and Daric feels a vague imprint on his mind, grunting slightly. The emotion was, empty. Just what had Vince done to the poor girl? That was to be determined shortly. Before Vince has the opportunity to release Saidin, the shield is slammed back into place, causing him to gasp almost in pain. He had no idea that Daric was so strong in the Power.

Standing, Daric points. “Move.” Striding over, he plucks Bethinyn up as if she were a child, clutching her to his chest and following Vince closely. Vince slowed as they reached the inner tower grounds, but Daric firmly kicks him in the back, sending him sprawling. “Get up, you filth. You know EXACTLY where your going.” Daric snarls.  


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