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The Halls of the Grey Tower students are energetic and bustling with initiates. Novices, Soldiers and Drin'far'ji marvel at the new-found miracles of this place while Accepted, Dedicated and Ji'alantin teach classes and help others on their way to become Aes Sedai, Asha'man, Gaidin or Gaidar.

The Mistress of Novices, Master of Soldiers, and Master of Training would remind students of all ranks to mind their manners and be on their best behavior at all times. There are to be no childish pranks, no consumption of intoxicating substances, and absolutely no entanglements in inappropriate, distracting relationships of a romantic nature. (On an out-of-character note, we'd like to strongly encourage all these things, as getting caught at them is lots of fun.)

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Eliza Maddix
Posted on:
Jan 10, 2012 22:14:41
Norin leaving without a word meant that she was playing the role of two parents. While she was worried about her husband, she had a son to raise, and a tower to run. She could feel him somewhere in the West: a faint bundle that only let her know that he was still alive. She wondered if he just needed time away. She never doubted that he did not love or their son. Why now, she asked herself, after everything that they had been through. A shrill squeal of delight drew her from her thoughts.

She smiled looking down at her son running through the snow chasing a brightly colored ball. Elorin Maddix was every bit her child. The sweet dimpled cheeks, and the long dark lashes that framed eyes bluer than the clearest sky. His dark hair was just a few shades lighter than hers. And he had her stubbornness: from the day he began to walk, he never let a challenge detour him. She laughed when Elorin made a ball of snow, and hit one of the Guards walking with her. Elorin seemed to use them more for playmates than a guard protecting the Amyrlin Seat. Shouting drew everyone's attention. Swords were being drawn, and Elorin was scooped up. The guards circled her. Eliza resisted the urge to draw Saidar.

She placed a hand on the guard she knew the longest. "Sephen, you come with me. The rest of you get my son back into the tower." There were protests, but she was on Grey Tower grounds. She knew everyone was still on edge because of the rebellion, but one guard was enough for any Aes Sedai: it was good enough for the Amyrlin Seat. "Get my son in the tower now!" She did not mean to snap, but the coddling could wear on the nerves. Her son was more important.

She left, letting Sephen lead the way. His sword drawn, and he was stalking like a leopard. When the came on the source of the commotion, she blinked in surprise. A young female dri'far'ji was being carried, and Asha'man Daric kicked a young man on his face. "Get up you filth. You know Exactly where you are going." Eliza raised a brow at the sight.

Eliza stepped into the open. Sephen stood between them with his sword poised to engage. "What in the Light is going on here!?" She looked to Daric.  

Eliza Maddix
Amyrlin Seat  


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