Welcome to One Power Basics. This is where you will learn some fundamental weaves with each of the five Powers - the bare bones of channeling. These will be one-on-one lessons, written specificly to meet your needs while teaching you.

The class is supervised by the Mistress of Novices and Master of Soldiers.

The teachers, usually one Accepted and one Dedicated, are chosen on a rotational basis. Contact Elyscia Mordel Sedai or Anahi Asha'man if you are interested in helping teach this class.

To join the class, post to the sign-in sheet and then please post a message in which your character arrives in the private classroom in the lessons thread. Good quality of roleplay is expected, as are posts of decent length. One Power Basics is meant to meet four simply goals:

-to evaluate a student's current knowledge of the One Power

-to explain the differences between saidar, saidin and the Five Powers

-to walk a channeler through touching the True Source for the first time

-to walk a student through channeling for the first time.

If the student already knows how to channel, then they should demonstrate their proficiency by preforming a simple weave.

In order to pass this class the student must make 6 posts of 200 words each, minimum. Once a student has completed the class, their teacher will send him/her a certificate, so that it can be used as a raising requirement.

That said, this class is meant to be enjoyable. This is also a good time for the instructor to put any fears or concerns a new channeler may have about the One Power more at ease. I hope you have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to email the Mistress of Novices or Master of Soldiers

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Kiss of Life
Dedicated Sevastien Hvorak
Posted on:
Jan 25, 2010 23:43:24
His attention wavered as the young man squirmed, and the pressure of feeling the rising menace from him cut off abruptly. It had been so close. Feeling a keen disappointment, he was careful not to watch the Soldier this time, and a few moments later, the boy rewarded his patience with the rising threat of another man seizing saidin. "Peace, I felt it," Sevastien said, smiling, although it was rather a disquieting feeling. But before he could say, "Hold on to it," the young man had lost it again.

"It will react to your emotions until you learn to control your emotional state. There's no shame in that. We all lose it more often than we find it at first. See if you cannot find it again, though, and I'll show you how to do something with it."  


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