Sunday Celebrations

The entire Grey Tower, from the Amyrlin Seat down to the scullery maids, have been granted a free day to celebrate Sunday. Hama Valon is hosting a traditional Two Rivers observance of the holiday with various competitions, feasting, and merriment, and a traveling show has set up camp just outside the city walls in hopes that the revelers will be free with their coin.

Students are reminded that even though it is a free day, they are expected to adhere to all rules, particularly those regarding proper conduct, and to tidy up after themselves lest they find their usual chores doubled on the morrow. Novices, Soldiers, and drin'far'ji may attend the celebration, in uniform, but may not stray into the city, enter the traveling show without permission, or otherwise evade supervision.

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What a Strange Day
Posted on:
Jun 8, 2010 16:15:53
With her hand being swung in a lazy manner, once again attached to Jac's hand while his other hand had Thoia's, Seira wondered what was going on. He was humming a tune that she didn't think she recognized and seemed rather happy with the day. Thoia seemed to be content enough... as best Seira could tell, though she didn't really know the woman. So what was Seira's problem? Curious.

"There may be," Seira said to Thoia, around Jac and his humming. "But competition and celebration doesn't really go hand in hand," odd choice of words, Seira, "for me." She shrugged casually and with a small smile. "I know others enjoy it more, but with a day of feasting and dancing and celebrating... well, the feasting and dancing match celebrating more for me. That's all."  


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