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October 2016: New Faces

In October, the Grey Tower had an influx of new writers, which we are all very excited about. We are always happy to embrace new writers with open arms!

New Characters
Soldier Zuin Faera, written by Cal
Novice Velvaen Tamaril, written by Garrett
Drin Alerin al’Nai, written by Drune
Soldier Caidal, written by Yuoaman
Soldier Seayn Chade, written by Seayn
Drin Johan Albaer, written by Cat

Welcome home!

Welcome to GT3!

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In preparation for the Final Battle, Tarmon Gai'don, when the forces of good and evil will fully and finally come face to face, both Asha'man and Aes Sedai, with their warders by their sides, have banded together in the Grey Tower to prepare and to fight the Shadow where ever it may be found in the here and now..